Green's injury brings back memories for Daniels


Green's injury brings back memories for Daniels

BOSTON -- The scene was all too familiar to Marquis Daniels.

Jeff Green lay at the same end of the court near the same basket where Daniels fell motionless two seasons ago.

On Friday, Green suffered a bruised left cheek and chipped teeth after taking an elbow to the
face from Ersan Ilyasova during a fight for a loose ball. The swingman stayed down on the
parquet as medical staff attended to him, while the Boston Celtics looked on in concern and
Daniels sat anxiously on the Milwaukee Bucks bench worried about his former teammate.

"I just saw him laying down there," Daniels told "I knew it had to be bad. Jeff's a pretty tough guy. I just hope he can recover from it soon."

Rewind to February of 2011. Daniels was attacking the basket against the Orlando Magic when he collided with Gilbert Arenas and crashed on to the floor in temporary paralysis. Just as they did with Green, the Celtics medical staff rushed to Daniels' attention and teammates watched hoping he would be ok. Daniels was wheeled off the court in a stretcher, the future of his career unknown. Further tests revealed he suffered from spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal, and required surgery.

After his own injury, Daniels did a made a quick assessment of Green from across the court.

"I just wanted to see he was moving first," Daniels said. "He was moving, but you could tell he was in obvious pain. I was just glad he was moving and still had feeling, because you never know. This game is a lot more physical than what people think it is."

Daniels got to know Green last season when Daniels re-signed with the Celtics. The two only
shared the court for a short time, though, before Green underwent season-ending heart surgery in January. After Green's hard-fought recovery, Daniels grew concerned over the injury given the amount of time Green stayed down. The Celtics swingman was diagnosed with a bruised left cheek and chipped teeth. He is listed as day-to-day.

"Anytime I see a player down like that, that's not good," said Daniels. "I don't like to see that
regardless if you're on my team or not. I sent a prayer out for him."

Nearly two years after Daniels' injury, he thought only about his former teammate and not his own scare on Friday night. He refuses to be held back by what happened on the parquet in 2011.

"I don't even think about it," he said. "I don't even look at the videos. I try not to think about it because that was probably close to the worst thing that can happen out there, not being able to move. I'm just glad Jeff was able to move and he'll be ok."

Morning Skate: Chiarelli taking heat in Edmonton


Morning Skate: Chiarelli taking heat in Edmonton

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading after a rough weekend for the Justice League movie. 


*Radko Gudas was suspended for 10 games after slashing at the head of Mathieu Perreault, and it’s an appropriate sentence for a play that has no place in the NHL, and from a player that really deserves to get slapped around by the Department of Player Safety. Some like the Hockey News here believe it should have been a more severe suspension, but this is the right move with a player that’s headed toward a Raffi Torres sentence the next time he crosses over the line. Let’s hope the message finally gets through to a dirty player, but I’m not holding my breath given his past history.  


*Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli is beginning to take some heat in Edmonton with a hockey team that’s performing way under expectations to this point. 


*All Alexander Radulov wanted was to feel like he was wanted, you guys. The Dallas Stars just so happened to say that to him in the form of money and contract years. 


* does a Calder Trophy voting poll with their own staff and it looks like Clayton Keller is strongly in the lead, and that Charlie McAvoy isn’t getting nearly the mount of consideration that he should be getting right now. This is the only rookie averaging more than 20 minutes of ice time per game, people…c’mon now. 


*It’s officially over for the Montreal Canadiens just a couple of months into the season, and it may be for GM Marc Bergevin as well. I’m not sure the Habs are dead and buried quite yet, but Carey Price as a question mark certainly doesn’t help matters. 


*Hall of Famers Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne were both honored in Anaheim this weekend after their Hockey Hall of Fame honors last weekend. 


*For something completely different: Here’s a petition for fans to get a home release of the Zack Snyder cut of the Justice League movie. These people thirsting for ponderous, bombastic drudgery in their comic book movies amazes me. While I feel for Snyder and his family given their tragedy over the last year, I think his movies are god-awful and can’t fathom why anybody would be pounding the table demanding to see a cut that left the DC and Warner Brothers execs running and screaming for Joss Whedon. 

Belichick remembers Glenn: 'A good person with good intentions'


Belichick remembers Glenn: 'A good person with good intentions'

Terry Glenn, the Patriots' top draft pick in 1996, died early Monday morning in a one-car accident in Irving, Texas. He was 43. 

Bill Belichick coached Glenn as an assistant with the Patriots during Glenn's rookie season. He was later Glenn's head coach in 2000 and 2001. Belichick traded Glenn to the Packers before the 2002 season after a tumultuous run in New England that involved legal trouble, injuries and clashes with the coaching staff.

During a conference call with reporters soon after the news of Glenn's death was published, Belichick remembered Glenn for his natural physical ability and "a good heart."

"I was pretty close with Terry," Belichick said, "and his rookie season was my first year here in '96, and so I had a lot of interaction with him and other people that were involved in his life and his upbringing separate from the Patriots. Terry's a very smart individual. Had a lot of, obviously, a lot of physical skill and talent. Could do a lot of things on the football field very naturally. And I think he was deep down inside a good person with good intentions and, you know, a good heart. Obviously it's very unfortunate. Very unfortunate passing. I mean, it's a sad day. Sad news."

According to reports, Glenn was with his fiancee at the time of the accident. She's being treated at a local hospital for unspecified injuries.