If Ron Karkovice wasn't a jerk


If Ron Karkovice wasn't a jerk

By Mary Paoletti

The Diamond Hoggers blog attempted to do an interview with former MLB catcher Ron Karkovice. Despite DH's best efforts to give fans an insightful look into the guy's mediocre career, Karkovice was a total jerk.

Need an illustration? When I searched "Ron Karkovice" on, this photo came up:

Take that however you'd like.

Anyway, we felt badly for the Diamond Hoggers and so decided to fill in Karkovice's answers a little bit. It was a wrong that needed to be made right.

The questions are DH's inquiries, completely untouched. Original Ron Karkovice answers are in red. Our non-idiot stuff is in black.

DH: Who was your best friend in baseball or did you have a teammate that you enjoyed playing with most?
RK: Alex Fernandez was probably my dearest friend in baseball -- hell of a guy. Did you know that he's now the director of baseball operations at Archbishop McCarthy High School in Southwest Ranches, Florida. Whitney Houston was so right: "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way."

DH: What was it like playing with Frank Thomas?
RK: It was great to watch Frank Thomas hit every day. He had such tremendous power. But the guy is actually a great big Teddy Bear. You should hear some of the pranks he played in the clubhouse. That rascal!

DH: Who was the toughest big league pitcher you ever faced and what made it so tough?
RK: The toughest pitcher I ever faced was Dave Stieb, hands down. Stieb's stuff was so good, I could not pick up the ball. He made me want to be a better hitter. I owe him a lot. That 20 home run season? Stieb motivated me. Falling off -- way, way off -- was kind of a bummer.

DH: Do you still follow the Sox or watch a lot of baseball? Whos your pick for the World Series this season?
RK: Yes, I do still watch the White Sox when I can. That old nostalgia always seems to creep in when the weather gets warmer. Smiles I'll be interested to see how they do against the Yankees. Everybody thinks New York will win. Do they have a tough team? Every season. Are they champions this season? I don't think so.

DH: Do you have any good Carlton Fisk or Tom Seaver stories? both former teammates of yours?
RK: You know, it's funny, but even though Fisk was such a character, I don't have any stories about my former teammate. Isn't that weird? And, no, nothing about Tom Seaver either. I know that it's bizarre -- seemingly impossible, even. Oh, well! Laughs

DH: You played your whole career in the Windy City, what did you like most about Chicago?RK: I consider myself so lucky to have spent my entire career in Chicago. The city is amazing, really, with all the restaurants, shops and culture. Have you ever been to the Museum of Science and Industry? Phenomenal. And the fans, of course, are a huge reason why I enjoyed my time there so much.

DH: What was your favorite road city to play in?RK: I know it's not a city, but back when the Angels were "The California" Angels, I loved playing out there. The Pacific ocean is incomprehensibly beautiful. Makes you believe that God exists, you know?

DH: Would you vote for Roger Clemens to get in the Hall of Fame?RK: Wow. That's a tough question; I would have to think about that. The things Roger accomplished are amazing, but the steroids issue makes this decision more like a battle. It's truly sad what the controversy has done to the game of baseball.

DH: What are your interests other than baseball?RK: Call me romantic, but, it's just baseball! It's my life; I was but a willing servant to the sport. Sometimes when I think about how lucky I was to play ball for a living... well.... I get a little emotional.

DH: What is the thing you miss most about being a big leaguer?RK: Well, can I say 'everything?' Chuckles ruefully That's probably too simple of an answer. I'd have to say that I miss the camaraderie the most. My team mats coughs, clears throat-- pardon me, teammates -- were my brothers; I miss them terribly. You can never understand the bond of a baseball team unless you're blessed enough to live it.

Bergeron leaves Air Canada Centre in walking boot

File Photo

Bergeron leaves Air Canada Centre in walking boot

Patrice Bergeron's importance is known to everyone who follows hockey in New England.

He has led the team in both ends this season, and many before.

So you can understand why many Bruins fans are holding their breath after finding out he left the Air Canada Centre in a walking boot.

Obviously, there is no word yet as to the extent of an injury.

Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald suggests the injury make have taken place when Bergeron was hit with a puck in the second period.


Kyrie, Celtics defeat Knicks 121-112

USA TODAY Sports Photo

Kyrie, Celtics defeat Knicks 121-112

Kyrie Irving on the court can be a lot of trouble, messed around and (almost) had a triple-double.

The Celtics all-star, no stranger to big performances on big stages, delivered one of his best all-around performances for Boston.

And did they ever need it, holding on for a 121-112 win over the pesky New York Knicks.

Irving was as dominant as we’ve seen him this season, finishing with 31 points, nine rebounds and eight assists.

Boston also got a strong game from Jaylen Brown who tallied 24 points which included a breakaway dunk to put Boston up 115-106 with less than two minutes to play.

And New York was led by Trey Burke’s 26 points.

After having lost three straight and four of five, Boston (42-19) has come out of the all-star break with back-to-back wins over Detroit and New York, respectively.

While there are certainly tougher foes on the horizon for the Celtics than what they’ve seen in these last two games (both wins), beating teams they’re supposed to is part of the process in getting back to where they were earlier this season.

But tonight’s game, like so many for the Celtics, didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts.

Boston avoided the early hole that they frequently found themselves in prior to the all-star break, but they didn’t exactly surge away and take control of the game from the jump, either.

Boston spent most of the first quarter playing with a slim lead, only for New York to end the quarter with a 5-0 spurt that put the Knicks ahead 24-23 after the first.

The second quarter was more of the same with both teams going on runs to seemingly take control, only for the lead to eventually disappear.

Trailing 49-48, Boston closed out the quarter with an 11-5 run to lead 59-54 at the half.

In the third, it was all about Irving who mixed in an array of 3’s and drives to the basket which helped the Celtics pull ahead by double-digits only for the Knicks to chip away at the lead which stood at 88-81 going into the fourth.