Lee takes loss, missed shot to heart


Lee takes loss, missed shot to heart

PHILADELPHIA Boston Celtics wing Courtney Lee is usually one of the first players to address the media following Celtics games, win or lose.

But Friday night's 95-94 overtime loss to Philadelphia was different.

It was a disappointing loss on many levels, with few taking it to heart as much as Lee.

"We had a lot of good looks. They just didn't go down, especially mine," Lee said.

He was referring to the wide open 3-pointer that he air balled with 25.9 seconds to play that would have given the C's a two-point lead.

Not only was it an air ball on an open shot, but it was a corner 3-pointer - the very shot that only former Celtic Ray Allen shot a higher percentage last season than Lee.

In his defense, Lee had spent the bulk of the overtime period and most of the fourth quarter on the Celtics bench.

He began the fourth, but was subbed out for Rajon Rondo with 9:49 to play. C's coach Doc Rivers subbed him back in briefly at the end of the fourth for defensive purposes, for Jason Terry.

Lee didn't re-enter the game until the 1:06 mark of overtime.

Rivers talked with Lee after the game about how it was unfair of him to put Lee on the floor in that position after having sat for such a long period of time.

But Lee wasn't trying to hear that.

"It doesn't matter; NBA players, we get paid to play this game," Lee said. "At least, gotta hit rim to give us a chance to get the offensive rebound. I didn't do that, so I'm very disappointed in myself."

Despite the missed opportunity, Lee says this won't have any impact on his confidence in his game moving forward.

"My confidence is always going to be there," he said. "I've been playing basketball for a while now. I can't count or recall how many times I've shot an air ball. You just have to continue to work, and keep practicing, that's all."

His teammates have no concerns that Lee will bounce back - possibly as early as Saturday against the same Sixers team.

"That could have been any one of us," said Jason Terry, who missed 11 of his 12 shots from the field. "I had my share tonight; other guys had theirs. But hey, this is what it's about, jumping right into the fire, new rivalries - obviously this is one of them - and we're going to see them again tomorrow. So it should be fun."

Said Lee: "This is definitely one we could have got. We get to see them (Saturday night); can't take the bitter taste out of our mouths for a while, until we play them (Saturday). But it's going to be good when we get them (Saturday) and we get the win."

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BEST OF BST PODCAST: Patriots advance to AFC title game vs. Jaguars

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4:49 - Jalen Ramsey told the fans in Jacksonville that the Jaguars would be going to the Super Bowl. Michael Holley, Tom Giles, and Kayce Smith talk about if they have a problem with what Ramsey said and if the Patriots would be using his quote as bulletin board material.

9:25 - Curran, Breer, and Giles discuss Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels likely not returning with the Patriots as Patricia seems to be headed towards the Lions while McDaniels goes to the Colts.

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No hesitation from Chara in scoring after scary incident in Montreal


No hesitation from Chara in scoring after scary incident in Montreal

BOSTON – Less than 48 hours after one of his legendarily hard slap shots put a Montreal Canadiens forward in the hospital after striking him in the head, Zdeno Chara didn’t hesitate when given the chance to wind up and blast away on Monday afternoon.

It was the 40-year-old Chara that rocketed a slapper past Kari Lehtonen at the end of the second period, and in doing so energized the Bruins while getting them on the scoreboard. The Chara goal helped earn the Black and Gold a point in overtime before eventually falling to the Dallas Stars by a 3-2 score at TD Garden on Monday afternoon.

The Bruins captain had been texting with the felled Montreal winger on Monday, and was fully aware that Phillip Danault was out of the hospital and doing well aside from understandable concussion symptoms after a puck to the head. Perhaps that eased Chara’s mind just a little when it came time to lean into another wind-up slapper on Monday, but it was also certainly aided by the lack of brave bodies willing to front one of his heavy, hard point blasts.

“I obviously spoke to Phillip a number of times. I talked to him right after the game and wanted to make sure he was okay, and he texted me back that he’s doing fine. He’s been released [from the hospital] and that’s very positive, good news,” said Chara. “It’s obviously very unfortunate that it’s something that happens quite often, but it’s something you never want to see with somebody getting hit and hurt. I’m very happy he’s going to recover fully and hopefully he’s back on the ice and playing hockey [soon] like we all do.”

Was there any hesitation to Chara winding up and stepping into a 100-mph slap shot so quickly after the ugly incident in Montreal?

“It’s something that doesn’t happen very often where you have that clean [shooting] path to the net where you can settle the puck, take a look and take a full slapper,” said Chara. “Usually teams play so well structurally that there’s already somebody fronting it, and you’ve got to get it through him with bodies in front. It does happen, but it’s nice that you have that time to put everything on it.”

That’s exactly what the 6-foot-9 defenseman did in sparking the Bruins to come back from a 2-0 deficit and push for the overtime point while extending their point streak to a season-best 13 games and counting.