Vinny Paz movie 'Bleed For This' premieres in Providence

Vinny Paz movie 'Bleed For This' premieres in Providence

PROVIDENCE -- This had been a long time coming for director Ben Younger. Long after shooting the yet-to-be-released boxing film, “Bleed For This,” he was finally set to reveal the work of years past where it was filmed. 

“Two years to the day,” Younger said Thursday night, “we began filming.”

Thursday’s premiere at Providence Place was all about location. The film, which tells the story of Cranston native Vinny Pazienza’s ill-advised and triumphant return from a broken neck and subsequent World Junior Middleweight championship, was shot in various spots around Rhode Island back in 2014. 

So why the holdup on the release? Perhaps to avoid overlap with 2015 blockbuster "Creed," but a blessing of the delay is that the movie, which will be released across the country on Nov. 18, will now drop with star Miles Teller having since established himself as one of the more popular actors in Hollywood. 

Joining Younger for the screening Thursday was a large contingent from the film, including Teller and co-star Aaron Eckhart, producer Chad Verdi and Vinny Paz himself. Teller gushed about the opportunity to play someone like Paz, a person whose actions he found mind-blowing. After all, Pazienza was bench-pressing within a week of having a halo brace installed around his head. 

While Pazienza did that with a broken neck, Teller said the most difficult part of the movie was pulling off that feat in full health. 

“I had no idea how anyone could do that,” Teller said. “I couldn’t figure it out, so I had Vinny come on set and show me.”

Since Pazienza’s return was so unheard of, the minds behind the movie actually had to alter the timeline because they felt the truth would be unbelievable to those who didn’t know the story. 

“Vinny’s story is so sensational, we didn’t have to embellish at all. In fact, we had to pull back,” Younger said. “Vinny started lifting weights five days after the halo went on. We couldn’t show that in the movie, because no one would believe it. So we [changed it] to like a month after the halo went on.” 

Ultimately, that went to be the biggest challenge faced by the movie. It isn’t really a biopic about his life or career as much as it is a film about his comeback. In adding the extra month, the movie experiences a mundane stretch in which the recovering boxer doesn’t interact with enough people to further develop characters. That delays the actual comeback quite a bit. 

Once he hits the bench, however, the movie takes off and races to the closing credits. Eckhart’s performance as boxing trainer Kevin Rooney -- one that saw the easy-on-the-eyes "The Dark Knight" star gain 40 pounds and shave his head -- is intense when it needs to be and hilarious when it needs to be. The dynamic of Teller and Eckhart has the same effect, from dinner table giggling to a scene during the film’s final fight that should undoubtedly be a trailer. 

Of course, Teller and Eckhart aren’t the only people in the movie. I’d be remiss if I were to leave out the performance of one Gary Tanguay, who can be seen and heard playing an HBO reporter as Pazienza’s manager, Lou Duva, declares in an interview that Pazienza should retire. 

Throughout the screening, the locals in attendance were easy to spot, or hear. At every mention of Rhode Island, or even sight of anything that they may have seen at any point in Rhode Island, the crowd let out a big cheer. There were plenty of occurrences in a movie that took every opportunity to mention where it was set. 

“We’re almost more excited about this premiere than we are about the New York or LA premiere, because this is where it started, this is where it ends, this is where Vinny still lives,” Younger said. “How many sports figures of his prominence still live in the town they grew up in?”

Backes 'will be out for a couple of games' with right leg laceration

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Backes 'will be out for a couple of games' with right leg laceration

The late season attrition continues for the Boston Bruins as David Backes will miss some time with the laceration on his right leg caused by an errant skate blade in Saturday night’s win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

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It took roughly 18 stitches to close a wound that was gushing blood as Backes quickly exited the ice in the first period, and now it looks like it’s going to force him to miss a handful of games here late in the season. Bruins GM Don Sweeney confirmed that Backes isn’t “day-to-day” as they wait for nature to take its and heal a significant gash that could have been much worse for the 33-year-old power forward. 

“David Backes returned late [Saturday] night with the team. He did meet with our doctors, and they reevaluated the cut. They did some work on it. Obviously, you’ve got great medical care down in Tampa; we’re thankful for that, but our guys wanted their own hands and eyes on it,” said Sweeney. “A timetable hasn’t been set for him. 

“You can imagine it was a pretty significant cut, and now that it’s been, sort of, re-cleaned and addressed accordingly, we’ll just let nature take its course, let it heal. I don’t have a definitive timetable on that one, certainly not day to day. I would suspect he’ll be out for a couple games, and then we’ll reevaluate.”

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The biggest concern for the Bruins with a cut of that nature is the chance of infection, so that’s something the Bruins medical staff will be monitoring closely as Backes heals over the next week or two. It’s too bad for both the B’s and Backes as the Bruins forward was knocked out in the first period against both Florida and Tampa after serving a three-game suspension, and has had his share of freak injuries and illness this season with first diverticulitis that ended with colon surgery, and now the skate blade incident. 

The good news is that it doesn’t sound like Backes is in any danger of being ready for the playoffs, and that’s truly matters as the Bruins continue to win games with so many good players injured and removed from the lineup. Sweeney also gave updates on Patrice Bergeron, who may join the Bruins on their next extended road trip following Monday night’s game vs. Columbus, and Jake DeBrusk, who it doesn’t sound like is all that close to returning to the lineup with his upper body injury.


Isaiah Thomas isn't ruling out return to Celtics

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Isaiah Thomas isn't ruling out return to Celtics

Isaiah Thomas back in green? Maybe there's a chance after all.

The former Celtics guard, now with the Lakers, started a Q&A session on Twitter and was asked whether he'd consider returning to Boston this offseason. This was his answer...

That's not a no.

Thomas has had a rough go of it since leaving the Celtics. His brief tenure in Cleveland didn't go according to plan, and things haven't gotten a whole lot better out in L.A. The 29-year-old is averaging 15.3 points per game just a year after averaging 28.9 with Boston.

Let the speculation begin.