Morning Skate: Friday, December 14


Morning Skate: Friday, December 14

Good piece by CBCs Elliotte Friedman, who writes that Gary Bettman and the NHL already appear to be winners on paper. So why does this fight continue on into mid-December?

How much does it take to get outlawed from the NHL? Quite a bit apparently.

The chronicles of Patrick Kane in Switzerland with a few cameo appearances by Tyler Seguin as his easygoing teammate, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

Good piece by John Buccigross speaking with 1980 Miracle Team Olympian Mike Eruzione as he makes the decision to sell some of his Olympic gear to the highest bidder at auction.

Sidney Crosby sounds like hes done participating in the CBA process after he and Penguins ownership gave it their best shot last week. I cant say that I completely blame him given the ridiculousness involved.

Kevin Allen from USA Today with some very creative ideas about how the NHL and the players could make the best of a shortened season with a different playoff format that could include up to 24 teams.

For something completely different: do you want Star Wars-themed cuff links for Christmas? Well, heres your parasdise.