Morning Skate: Wednesday, Nov. 28


Morning Skate: Wednesday, Nov. 28

Ian Mendes takes a look at the top 10 marginal characters in NHL history given Guy Serotas very bizarre tweets about Sarah Silverman before he was dropped as a federal mediator in the NHL CBA negotiations.

Great piece by James Mirtle on unlikely CBA negotiator Kevin Westgarth, who is one of the lead figures among players in the CBA discussion while also serving as the LA Kings enforcer.

There are those who believe the NHL owners will eventually pull the 211 million in make whole money off the table. Bob McKenzie outlines it during a radio hit in Edmonton.

Daniel Alfredsson says the NHL players are all pissed off about the NHL lockout, and standing firmly behind Donald Fehr.

Brad Richards is scared for the NHL and the game of hockey at this point, and theres good reason for all of that. The lockout continues to threaten the long-term well being of the game.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the first NHL franchise to hit the 1 billion mark in worth, according to Forbes Magazine.

The San Jose Sharks have spelled out the amount of the first refund checks to season ticket holders as more NHL games go by the wayside.

For something completely different: This is the scariest hidden camera stunt ever. Its actually hard to believe this didnt end in a really, really bad way.

Morning Skate: Golden Knights happy to get Malcolm Subban back


Morning Skate: Golden Knights happy to get Malcolm Subban back

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while watching old Super Friends episodes with my 4-year-old on a Saturday morning.

*Has anybody ever been as excited to get a healthy Malcolm Subban back in the lineup as the Vegas Golden Knights are this weekend? Pro Hockey Talk is asking the question, and I think I can honestly answer with a resounding “No.” We’ll see if he’s actually worth all the excitement, but obviously, he’s better than what the injury-plagued Golden Knights had in the interim.

*The Buffalo Sabres continue to get very little return for any of the investments they’ve made in the team over the last couple of years.

*Ryan Suter knows what it takes to remain among the NHL defenseman workhorses in the NHL, and he is consistently there year in and year out.

*Dustin Brown has been a resurgent performer for the Los Angeles Kings this season and is one of the big storylines behind their turnaround.

*The Detroit Red Wings are beginning to more openly adopt Jeff Blashill’s speed game, but the question is how much that will pay dividends for them.

*For something completely different: Good piece in the Boston Globe about Danny Ainge’s relationship with recently passed Red Sox great Bobby Doerr.