Morning walkthrough: It's tag day


Morning walkthrough: It's tag day

The last thing anybody was thinking about inlate July when thenew CBA got donewas franchise tags. Well, tagging season is upon us. Today. So, with that, we take a look at the changes negotiated to the tag process that drop the franchise numbers for tagged players from 2011 levels. Jason LaCanfora at NFL.com detailed the changes in this article back in November. The formula for coming up with the number is waaaayyyy more complex than it used to be -- a franchised guy used to be paid the average of the five top salaries at his position. Now the tag takes the average of the tags at a position over the past five years added together and then divides them by the total value of the salary cap over the past five years. That percentage is multiplied by the cap for the current year. Got it? Me neither. As Mike Florio at PFT writes, the bottom line is that the number is going down and it's going to be relatively disappointing to franchised players. But a franchised guy will still make more than your neighborhood this year. Or my neighborhood. Patriots defensive back Malcolm Williams, a seventh-round pick last April, stopped by Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas and told the players there that, "Even though we took the L (in the Super Bowl)this time, I feel like Tom Brady will get us back to the promised land two or three more times." Asante Samuel is in line for 8.4 million in Philly this year and the feeling is the Eagles will try to move him. He left a very sour taste in the Patriots' mouths when he left after the 2007 season. So sour the Patriots would pass on the ballhawk and not try to get him to be Terrell Buckley 2.0? We'll see. Mike Sherman, the Dolphins' newly-hired offensive coordinator, is high on the potential in Miami. I don't disagree with him at all.

BOSTON SPORTS TONIGHT PODCAST: Could Gordon Hayward return this season?


BOSTON SPORTS TONIGHT PODCAST: Could Gordon Hayward return this season?

0:41 - Kyle Draper, Brain Scalabrine, Tommy Heinsohn, and Mike Gorman break down the Celtics loss to the Cavs and Gordon Hayward’s injury.

4:22 - Tom Curran, Michael Holley, Tom Giles, and Kayce Smith give their reactions to the gruesome injury to Gordon Hayward and how it impacted the game.

9:39 - Dr. Chris Chihlas joins BST to give his medical opinion on Gordon Hayward and if he thinks there is a chance Hayward could return this season. 

13:40 - Chris Mannix and A. Sherrod Blakely discuss what the feeling was like in the arena when Hayward went down but how there is actually a 'cautious optimism' surrounding the injury.

Jayson Tatum flashes potential with double-double debut

Jayson Tatum flashes potential with double-double debut

CLEVELAND – Jayson Tatum has seen plenty of games featuring Cleveland’s LeBron James.

And in the Boston Celtics’ preparation for Tuesday night’s matchup, the 19-year-old rookie had seen plenty of James on film.

But facing him, up close and personal, was something entirely different.

“He’s way bigger than I thought,” Tatum said. “He’s way better than I imagined. That’s the reason why he is who he is.”


James’ play was among the key factors in Cleveland handing Boston a 102-99 loss on Tuesday night.

But Tatum showed he too has some big-time potential by finishing with a double-double of 14 points and 10 rebounds which included some nifty drives to the basket as well as showing the ability to hold his own on the glass in terms of rebounding the basketball.

The last Celtics rookie to post a double-double on opening night?

That was Larry Bird back in 1980, helping the Celtics to a 114-106 win over the Houston Rockets.

What’s even crazier?

Bird had 14 points and 10 rebounds in that Rockets game, too.

Tatum’s solid performance didn’t seem in the making in the first half when Tatum had missed all five of his shot attempts while tallying just two points.

But as the Celtics mounted their comeback, Tatum’s play was a key to the team’s improved play.

“Just being more relaxed” was how Tatum described his improved play in the second half.

Tatum added, “first half, I think I was nervous and anxious. And then the game slowed down for me. That helped out a lot.”

And the Celtics will need even more from Tatum going forward after Gordon Hayward’s left ankle injury that will keep him sidelined indefinitely.

There was plenty of room for him to improve upon following Tuesday’s game.

But for the most part, head coach Brad Stevens liked what he saw from the rookie.

“Jayson was pretty good,” Stevens said. “He did a pretty good job for a first game. That’s pretty hard to do, to be thrown into this environment, first game and play that well.”