Arrington says Twitter ire was 'out of character'


Arrington says Twitter ire was 'out of character'

FOXBORO -- Sunday night, a fewhours after the Patriots crushing, last-minute loss to the New York Giants, Kyle Arrington had had enough with the negativity cluttering his Twitter timeline. "Don't hop back on the bandwagon later," tweeted Arrington. He included the hashtag "fakefans" to amplify his point. Monday, Arrington told me his ire wasn't directed at the fans who showed up at Gillette Stadium and verbally registered their displeasure. "It was just emotional," Arrington explained. "Emotions were running high. I didn't mean anything by it. I wasn't even talking about the fans (in the stadium), I was talking about people who follow me on Twitter just talking bad about me, the team, the defense. It was just stupid."Arrington had a terrific game until the Giants final drive when he got whistled for a long pass interference penalty then beaten for a touchdown by Mario Manningham. He was responsible for saving the Patriots at least seven points earlier with a pass breakup at the goal line and an end zone pick."Ignore the noise is one of the things we preach here and it was out of character on my part (to respond)," said Arrington who added that he enjoys the Twitter back and forth with fans.

Quinn hoping Falcons won't be focused on 28-3 this week


Quinn hoping Falcons won't be focused on 28-3 this week

FOXBORO -- They say you can't live in the past. But for the Falcons, that may be easier said than done this week. 

“Well, for sure we’ve talked about it," Atlanta coach Dan Quinn said of Super Bowl LI. "The biggest thing we’ve said was you don’t get to go replay games. You don’t get to go replay the Super Bowl. We lost last week and we don’t get to go replay the Miami game. One of the sayings we have is, 'The only fight that matters is the one you’re in.' 


"That is where our focus is, and even deeper than that, our focus is for us to play at our best. We’re not there yet. That is what we’re out chasing. We don’t want to go into the rematch world because we learned our lessons and you don’t get to apply them until you’re back in them again. If we keep looking back in the rear view, we’re not going to be where we want to be."

The reality is, though, Super Bowl LI and New England's 25-point comeback win is going to be part of Atlanta's preparations this week.

Both Bill Belichick and Dan Quinn have said at different points that they'll look at that game because the personnel on both sides is so similar. Though the teams aren't constructed exactly the same, and though the Falcons are operating under a new offensive coordinator, last season's finale still has value . . . as difficult as it may be for some to re-live it.

“It’s a big part [of the preparations], and here’s why," Quinn said. "When you face a team for a second time in less than a year, it’s almost like, I am not going to call it a division game, but you have more familiarity than when you don’t. You go back to look how they featured the players in their roles last year and go back to look at some of the roles for this year.

"The players also have some familiarity with one another. 'How to a guard this guy? I have to make sure my leverage is right when I tackle this player. When I am in press coverage this release worked, this one wasn’t as effective.' There’s definitely familiarity. We definitely looked back at that game, but also the games from this year, too. That is pretty normal operating procedure when we’re playing a team. We may go back a year or even two years if the coaching staff is the same to see if there’s some philosophical scheme and plays that they are really comfortable with."