Bennett expounds on anti-NFL comment from magazine profile


Bennett expounds on anti-NFL comment from magazine profile

Martellus Bennett has never been shy about sharing his thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects, whether you like it or not. 

ESPN the Magazine captured that in a piece during which the writer, Mina Kimes, spent the day with both Martellus and his brother, Seahawks defensive lineman Michael. The very first quote from the new Patriots tight end that appeared in the article might have been an eye opener for some.

Martellus asked, "Do you know what the NFL stands for?" One might immediately assume he was referring to the most common acronym for the NFL: "Not For Long." But Bennett said it means "N----- For Lease.”

After giving a very lengthy, informative and entertaining press conference following Wednesday’s practice, I caught Martellus on his way out to ask him about that comment. He had yet to see the piece, so I informed him of the quote and it’s placement in the story. The 29-year old didn’t back down.

"It’s just what it says," he said, "Not For Long."

But, I reminded him, that’s not the way he choose to describe it. Bennett doubled down on the "lease" metaphor.

"Yeah, it’s just like a car," he explained, "running the miles up and then you turn it in."

Based on his word selection, I asked if Bennett was specifically talking about African-American players or if "that goes for everybody?"

"That goes for everybody," he said.

Based on our interactions with Bennett thus far, and his quote today -- "No one asked me to be anybody else besides myself, and I think that’s one of the biggest things, the freedom to be who I am." -- he'll be a sought-after player for other off-the-field topics down the road.

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Stephon Gilmore, Eric Rowe miss Friday's practice


Stephon Gilmore, Eric Rowe miss Friday's practice

FOXBORO -- It appears the Patriots will be without Stephon Gilmore and Eric Rowe again Sunday. 

Neither player was seen on the field for the media portion of Friday’s practice, capping a week in which neither Gilmore (concussion) nor Rowe (groin) practiced. Harvey Langi also remained off the field a week after his car accident. 

Assuming the Patriots are without Gilmore and Rowe, a secondary that has struggled this season will face an even bigger challenge against Atlanta’s passing attack Sunday night.

Belichick: Patriots preparing for everything from slumping Julio Jones

Belichick: Patriots preparing for everything from slumping Julio Jones

FOXBORO -- Julio Jones: He’s the best, right? No? No touchdowns this season? He stinks? He’s going to score against the Patriots because their defense stinks? Real breakout game for ol’ No. 11 in red? Who knows?! Lmao. 


I’ll tell you what Bill Belichick knows: That Jones is not a one-dimensional player. While “deep threat” might be the first thing that comes to mind with ol’ No. 11 in red, Belichick said the Patriots are preparing for anything and everything from ol’ No. 11 in red. 

“Yeah, I wouldn’t say [he’s just a deep threat],” Belichick said. “I mean, he catches a lot of in-cuts, a lot of over routes, out routes, the one he caught against us last year. He’s good on catch-and-run plays, he’s hard to tackle, he’s strong, slants, so he’s pretty good on everything. You know, same thing, but I mean, they screened everybody. They screened the backs and the receivers and Gabriel, Jones. I mean, they all can get the ball. They’re not just going to screen to one guy and just key on that guy. They mix it up.”

The Patriots will mix it up with the Falcons Sunday night at Gillette Stadium. Jones has 25 catches for 367 yards on the season.