Brady understands why Moss misses the Patriots


Brady understands why Moss misses the Patriots

By Danny Picard

FOXBORO -- Speaking on his weekly WEEI radio appearance Monday morning, Tom Brady says he misses Randy Moss -- who threw a lot of love the Patriots' way in an emotional postgame press conference Sunday -- and understands why Moss feels the way he does.

"If you love playing football and you love competing, you love playing for the New England Patriots," added Brady. "I don't know what it's like in other places. I've never been to other places. I just know how much I enjoy, and that's because when we show up to work ever day, it's all about football.

"And it has nothing to do with trying to say the right thing to the media. Talk is very cheap. It's about going out and earning it. And I think that's what the guys really appreciate, being on the team, that you're going to have an opportunity, and when you get your opportunity, you better be ready to take advantage."

Moss' opportunity ended with his trade three weeks ago.

"He's a very unique player, a very good friend ofmine," Brady said of Moss. "We share a lot of very personalconversations together about things that are happening in our life.That doesn't go away once he's on another team. So I've always beenrooting for him, hoping he does really well. It just happened this yearthat he moved on. It's just the way this league works now."

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Tom Brady mum on hand injury, practice status


Tom Brady mum on hand injury, practice status

FOXBORO — Tom Brady basically told the media to talk to the hand.

More specifically, Brady replied, “I’m not talking about that” to each question about his right hand injury in Friday’s press conference.


Brady stood at the podium wearing the very red gloves that have been captured in pre-practice photos the last two days. Asked why he was wearing them indoors, Brady replied, “I’ve worn them before.” 

The five-time Super Bowl champion was also mum on whether or not he participated in practice Friday, sharing only that he was “out there,” which adds no clarification given that he was on the field before Thursday’s practice but did not participate. 

When asked if he was confident he'd play in Sunday's AFC Championship Game against Jacksonville, he responded: "We'll see."

Brady is believed to have suffered the injury in Wednesday’s practice. Friday’s practice report will be released this afternoon. 

Dion Lewis: 'Nobody's really worried' about Tom Brady


Dion Lewis: 'Nobody's really worried' about Tom Brady

James White put it perfectly on Thursday. When asked if he was the one who injured Tom Brady's hand in Wednesday's practice, the running back replied, "The world may never know."

During an interview with NFL Network, another Patriots running back said you can't put Brady's injury on him.

"Not me," said DIon Lewis. "No, it wasn't me . . . I actually didn't see it happen, but from when I talked to other guys, I knew he was gonna be oaky. It's Tom, so regardless of any situation he's put in, he's going to make sure he's out there game day. Nobody's really worried."

That seems to be the general consensus inside the Patriots locker room. They're all expecting Brady to play. And when they're asked about how he's looked, their answers have ranged from evasive to joking about Brady's handsomeness

The focus, as Lewis explained, isn't so much on the health of their quarterback but rather the game plan they're putting in place to take on the top defense in the AFC. 

"We have a great idea," Lewis said, "of what we think we can do to have success against this defense . . . We just gotta be on point every play. We don't got plays to give away."

Might that mean a load of two-back or two-tight end sets to keep Jacksonville's base personnel on the field? Might that mean plenty of work in the screen game, as Jerod Mayo suggested on this week's Quick Slants the Podcast? Might that mean a heavy dose of Rob Gronkowski?

There are soft spots in the Jaguars defense, as talented as it is, but it will probably require Brady being able to grip a football for the Patriots to exploit them. His teammates seem confident he'll be able to do that.