Brady wrote endorsement letter for Taylor to make Hall of Fame

Brady wrote endorsement letter for Taylor to make Hall of Fame

This flew under the radar during Super Bowl week, but it's worth pointing out even well after the news broke: Tom Brady wrote an endorsement letter to help Jason Taylor get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

The former Dolphins, Jets and Redskins linebacker and defensive end probably didn't need the help. He finished his 15-year career with 139.5 sacks, 46 forced fumbles, 29 fumble recoveries and 51 batted passes. He sacked Brady more than any other quarterback (11.5 in 20 games), and when he retired, he'd sacked Brady more than anyone else. 

Still, Brady opted to write a letter on Taylor's behalf, encouraging Hall of Fame voters to consider Taylor during his first year of eligibility. He wrote it during a time when he may have had a few extra hours to kill, before returning from his four-game suspension to start the season. 

"The word I typically used to describe Jason was tenacious," Brady wrote. "His effort was second to none. Regardless of the situation, Jason came after me with the same reckless abandon on each and every snap, getting to his target often. I remember hearing once that he sacked me more than any other quarterback in the NFL, a painful badge of honor for myself. Jason was incredible against the run as well and never took a play off."

Taylor was as surprised as anyone that Brady wrote the endorsement since he never asked for one.

Ty Law, Brady's former teammate who missed out on winning a Hall of Fame nod in his first year of eligibility, jokingly asked why Taylor got an endorsement from Brady when he did not.

"That’s a good question," Taylor told the site. "You know what the beauty of that is? I didn’t even ask Tom for it.

"He and I had a great friendship throughout our playing days. Obviously, we played against each other a ton. I probably played 25 or 26 games against Tommy … maybe more, I don’t even know the number of games. We’ve always had this healthy rivalry between the two of us. We would go at it, compete hard and we were great friends off the field.

"I was floored when I saw the letter. I really was. Seth Levit, the director of my foundation (the Jason Taylor Foundation) and office here in Florida, actually texted me that Tom had sent a letter in. I guess Seth had been talking to the people in New England and got the letter down here, and I was floored. It means the world to me.

"I know Ty played with him, and Ty was kinda like, ‘What? Brady wrote you a letter?’ But it is one of those things where I will take it and frame it. I got a letter and words from Jimmy Johnson … I’m looking at what Bill Polian had to say … and all these clips of guys who had amazing things to say about me, and I want to take them all and keep them forever.

"But that Tom Brady letter … a text I got from Peyton Manning the other night … the list goes on of guys that have reached out that I want to save forever. I don’t trust this cloud. Whatever this cloud is … this iCloud thing, I need to go back and put it on pen and paper and keep it somewhere in my house."

Tom Brady applauds Nick Foles' restructured contract

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Tom Brady applauds Nick Foles' restructured contract

Though Tom Brady has skipped the Patriots' offseason workout program, he hasn't missed a beat on Instagram. 

On Friday, it was the news of Nick Foles restructuring his contract with the Eagles that got Brady's attention in the form of a like and a comment applauding the move. Foles, who beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, got a $2 million signing bonus and will now have a mutual option for the 2019 season. 

'Selfie Kid' Ryan McKenna visits Gillette Stadium

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'Selfie Kid' Ryan McKenna visits Gillette Stadium

FOXBORO – Social media sensation Ryan McKenna, who goes by the alias “Ryan the Selfie Kid,” made his presence in Foxboro known today.

This selfie features Marcus Cannon (left) and Lawrence Guy (right).

This isn’t the first time McKenna has been associated with the Patriots.  

The Hingham, Mass., resident took a selfie with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl 52 between the Patriots and the Eagles.

The selfie taken with Justin Timberlake propelled him into the limelight.

He currently has 248,000 Instagram followers.