Brissett on contract situation with Patriots: 'It'll get done'

Brissett on contract situation with Patriots: 'It'll get done'

FOXBORO -- Jacoby Brissett attacked the draft process differently from most other rookies when he opted not to hire an agent. While others in his situation had representatives who helped them increase their visibility before the draft and negotiated their contracts after, Brissett has taken his own path. 

Though the Patriots third-round pick out of North Carolina State has received guidance from the NFLPA and others as his first contract has been in the works, he continues to pursue this first professional procedural hurdle in a unique way. 

Last week the Patriots announced that they had signed eight of their nine draft picks, leaving Brissett off the list of those who'd put pen to paper. Because of the rookie wage scale that was introduced with the latest collective bargaining agreement, there's less to negotiate now than there has been in years past; salaries are slotted without very much wiggle room. Still, it seems like Brissett is still trying to get things finalized. 

"That's a personnal matter," Brissett replied when asked why he chose to go without an agent. "Right now my main focus is on the team and getting better and just doing what I can to make myself better and just understand that I'm part of an organization."

When asked if there had been any progress made since the team's announcement last week, Brissett wouldn't say much.

"It's a personal matter that I'm handling away from here," he said. "It'll get done." 

Brissett's contractual status hasn't affected his participation with the Patriots thus far. He was on the field for the start of rookie minicamp last week, and he spoke on Wednesday about how excited he was to be learning from those inside the Patriots facilities. 

"They’re great," Brissett said of Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo. "They’re teaching me a lot now and [I] just continue to learn from them and try to be the best player that I can."

Eyeing a QB, Jets trade up to No. 3 pick

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Eyeing a QB, Jets trade up to No. 3 pick

After missing out on coveted free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, who signed with the Minnesota Vikings, the Jets signed Teddy Bridgewater and brought back Josh McCown as short-term solutions at QB, but with the trade they made with the Colts on Saturday, their future franchise QB could be drafted next month.

The Jets acquired the No. 3 overall pick in the April 26 draft from the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for the sixth overall pick, two 2018 second-round picks (37th and 49th) and a 2019 second-rounder.

UCLA's Josh Rosen, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, Wyoming's Josh Allen and USC's Sam Darnold are considered the top QBs in the draft. The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants have the first two picks, the Browns have No. 4, too, and could be eyeing a QB. Penn State running back Saquon Barkley could be among the top picks as well. 

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Patriots stay busy, reportedly sign Patrick Chung to extension

Patriots stay busy, reportedly sign Patrick Chung to extension

The Patriots have been busy in the last 48 hours. They made a trade to bring in a second McCourty. They signed a defensive end, a running back and an offensive lineman. And now they're extending one of their own. 

According to NFL Media, the Patriots are signing safety Patrick Chung to a short-term contract extension. Chung was headed into the final year of his contract and was set to earn $2 million in base salary. It's the third extension Chung has signed with New England in a little more than three years. 

Chung, who turns 31 in August, is arguably Bill Belichick's most versatile defender. He is able to play a traditional strong safety role, covering tight ends and backs and playing in run support. He's also been used at the "star" spot to take on opposing slot receivers, and he'll occasionally rush the passer. He's also still a key contributor in the kicking game. 

"The guy is a really good football player," Belichick said of Chung earlier in January. "He’s one of the best players in the league, one of the best players on our team. He does a lot of things very well and has done them that way for a long time. We’re lucky we have him. He’s an outstanding player in all the things that he does. We put a lot on him, and he always comes through."

Chung's second go-round with the Patriots has breathed new life into his career. 

Drafted in the second round in 2009 - with a pick the Patriots picked up by trading Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to the Chiefs - Chung was used in more of a traditional deep safety role. That gig didn't exactly maximize his skill set, and in 2013 he signed with the Eagles to play under his college coach at Oregon, Chip Kelly. 

The Eagles released Chung after one season, and the Patriots re-signed him with a different role in mind. A strong tackler who wasn't afraid to mix it up at the linebacker level, Chung started to be deployed more often in the box. He readily admitted, he welcomed the change to be a little closer to the action. 

In 2015, Chung signed an extension to tack on three years to what was initially a one-year contract. In 2016, he signed another one-year extension. 

"We took the guy in the second round," Belichick said last season. "But it just - for a combination of reasons, I'd say a big part of it [being] mistakes that I personally made - it didn’t work out the way that we hoped it would. But we got it right the second time. I think we've been able to utilize him. I wish we had been able to do that when we initially got him, but it didn’t work out that way. Like I said, I think we finally got it right."