CONFIRMED: The Jets and Bills stink


CONFIRMED: The Jets and Bills stink

I’m sitting here watching the Bills play the Jets in Week 1. If the offseason told us anything about the Bills and Jets, it was that they were going to stink this year. If the 10 minutes I’ve watched so far has told us anything, it’s that the Bills and Jets stink this year. 

Honestly, just forget about the Jets. Given how few good players they had last season and how many of them were cut or traded (Sheldon Richardson, Nick Mangold, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, David Harris), there was no shot they are going to be good this season. Some call it tanking. You can also call it the Jets just being worse than usual. 

The Bills looked like they were also kind of throwing in the towel based on their offseason (seeing Stephon Gillmore and Mike Gillislee make the increasingly popular trip from Buffalo to New England, trading Sammy Watkins), but they at least appeared to be markedly better than the Jets. 

Sunday didn’t start that way. 

On the Bills’ first drive, Buffalo marched from its own 25 to the New York 2. Then Mike Tolbert lost six yards on a run. Not the end of the world. Then Tyrod Taylor got a pass batted down. No sweat. Then on third and goal, Charles Clay tipped a pass into the hands of Jets corner Justin Burris for an end zone interception that was returned 48 yards. Not great, Bob.

Is it dumb to judge a team -- and also kind of an entire division -- on one drive? Possibly, but not when it’s the AFC East. The AFC East usually stinks outside of New England, and though I don’t expect the Dolphins to take as big a step back as some, I don’t think they’re going to be a Wild Card team. 

In the time since I started writing this, by the way, the Bills have scored a touchdown and the Jets have kicked a field goal. I was starting to feel like maybe I was overreacting, but then Steven Hauschka missed a field goal wide left and Matt Forte dropped his like 41st pass of the game. My friend Evan, a Bills fan, also texted saying he's rooting for his team to lose to prevent the Jets from getting the first overall pick. It's Week freaking 1. 

Anyway, isn’t yet halftime but both of these teams’ seasons are over. Patriots are going to make it 14 division titles in 15 years. None of this is news. 

Butler: Retweet of Cutler-carving-Patriots-blitz stat 'a big misunderstanding'

Butler: Retweet of Cutler-carving-Patriots-blitz stat 'a big misunderstanding'

FOXBORO -- Malcolm Butler has an unsolved mystery on his hands. 

After Monday night’s loss to the Dolphins, Butler retweeted a Pro Football Focus graphic that detailed how well Jay Cutler did when the Patriots blitzed him.

The retweet was later un-retweeted...or de-tweeted. And Butler said on Wednesday that he wasn't sure how it ended up there in the first place. 

"I don't know," Butler said. "Totally a misunderstanding."


He was asked if he was hacked. He was asked if he mis-hit the retweet link while scrolling through Twitter. He would not confirm any of those suggestions, insisting he had no idea how it happened and that it was an accident.

Though the retweet, which came relatively quickly after the game, served as an indication of Butler's feelings toward the play-calling in Miami, he did not say much to put to bed any notions that he would've liked to see fewer blitzes. 

When asked if he was disappointed in the gameplan, he replied, "Nah. Next question."


Injury report: Brady practices, Branch missing


Injury report: Brady practices, Branch missing

Tom Brady who has missed Wednesday practices the past few weeks and skipped back-to-back practices last week with an Achilles injury, was back at practice today as the Patriots geared up for their showdown with the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Rob Gronkowski was back after missing last week while serving his one-game suspension. Defensive lineman Trey Flowers was back as one of several limited participants after missing the Monday night loss to the Dolphins and newly signed receiver Kenny Britt also practice. Defensive lineman Alan Branch, who injured his knee against the Dolphins, didn't practice.

Here's the full injury report: