Deatrich Wise models his game after Jason Taylor, Julius Peppers


Deatrich Wise models his game after Jason Taylor, Julius Peppers

Just a few hours after Bill Belichick had gushed about NFL Hall of Famer Jason Taylor, rookie Deatrich Wise Jr. said Taylor is one of a handful of players he’s long admired and - in part - modeled his game after.

“Watching Jason Taylor, Julius Peppers and Jason Pierre Paul, and then I started watching a little bit of Calais {Campell},” Wise said, then referencing the field behind him. “It’s kind of cool to see him out there now (Campbell is now with Jacksonville). I emulate my game mostly on Julius Peppers, in the sense of how long he is, the moves he uses and stuff like that.”

Asked if he knew his new Head Coach had long been a fan of Taylor in particular, Wise said no but “that’s awesome.” The defensive lineman, who seems to be all arms and legs but has shown an ability to hold his ground and get after the passer here during the first couple weeks of training camp, remains a student of his favorite players.

“Go on YouTube and type in their name and watch their highlights of things they do,” said Wise. “When they were playing when I was young, I’d watch all their games.”

Reminded that he had better access to clips of said players thanks to the Patriots video system, Wise nodded but added, I still go to YouTube and watch them.”

That passion has caught on in Foxboro, as has the length of Wise, both in height and wingspan. It’s allowed him to line up at a variety of spots on the defensive line and get results, even when rushing from the interior. 

“It’s a big advantage for him, if he can play with good pad level and use his length, not have it used against him, which I’d say he’s been able to do as a football player through his career in college and so forth,” said Bill Belichick this weekend. “Even in a few days here, we’ve seen examples of that, but we’ll see more of that going forward. But those long guys that we’ve worked with in there – [Richard] Seymour, [Tommy] Kelly, guys like that – the 6’6” type of player that plays inside, there’s not very many of them. We haven’t had a lot of them. I mean, [Ted] Washington was 6’5’’ but that wasn’t really – that was a different kind of 6’5”. So, we’ll see how it goes. You know, we have more background with those players playing outside, like Chandler [Jones] and players like that.”

Maybe Wise should expand his YouTube searches for those players as well and continue to put himself in Belichick’s good graces.

Search continues: Scarnecchia pops up at Notre Dame for look at McGlinchey

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Search continues: Scarnecchia pops up at Notre Dame for look at McGlinchey

The effort to replenish the tackle depth the Patriots boasted last year will not stop with the re-signing of LaAdrian Waddle. That much was clear when Dante Scarnecchia was spotted at Notre Dame's pro day on Thursday.

The Fighting Irish offense featured two of the top offensive linemen in the country last season in guard Quenton Nelson and tackle Mike McGlinchey.

Nelson is expected to be a top-10 selection and some believe him to be the best player in this year's class regardless of position. The Patriots probably won't have a shot at him. And they're OK at guard. Scarnecchia (and national scout DuJuan Daniels) were in all likelihood there to scout McGlinchey more thoroughly. 


The 6-foot-8, 312-pounder is considered by many to be the top tackle in this year's draft. McGlinchey spent two seasons on the right side, backing up current Ravens tackle Ronnie Stanley, and he spent the last two seaons on the left. He's thought to be a very good athlete for his size, but he may have some issues with "bull rushers and power at the point of attack," according's Lance Zierlein. 

But even with the blemishes that may show up on his tape, McGlinchey could go in the top half of the first round if a team gets desperate. Or he could slide. It seems a slide to the Patriots would be unlikely but not impossible. That's why the Patriots did their due diligence on the player who may be the only NFL-ready tackle in the draft.

Senior Bowl executive director Phil Savage made that very point on Quick Slants the Podcast soon after the NFL Scouting Combine finished up. 

"It's definitely become a challenge," Savage said of finding pro-ready tackles. "We've always focused and talked about how the spread offenses in college have affected the quarterbacks, but in reality, it's impacted all of the positions, quite frankly. 

"You look at the offensive line nowadays and most schools are building what I call a five-man unit where there's no real distinction between the left tackle versus the right tackle versus the right guard versus the left guard. They're all kind of the same because they play as a unit. There's not as much of a premium placed on that left tackle as a standalone pass-protector...

"This year, amazingly enough, I really only had one tackle [with a first-round grade following the combine, and that's [Notre Dame's] Mike McGlinchey. There's a couple of interior linemen like Will Hernandez from UTEP and Quenton Nelson from Notre Dame that are likely to go in the first round. But as far as just a tackle. Wow. It's staggering to think that there could only be really one tackle to go in the first round this year."

The Patriots have a variety of routes they could take in filling the left tackle void filled by Nate Solder. They could try to figure out a way to get McGlinchey in house. They could go with Waddle. They could flip Marcus Cannon to the left side and use Waddle on the right. Maybe a second-year player -- Antonio Garcia? Cole Croston? -- will surprise and force the team's hand.

Whatever they choose, the search for tackles isn't over. And given how difficult it seems to be for teams around the league to find serviceable ones, it could last a while.



Reports: Patriots among NFL teams taking a look at Manziel

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Reports: Patriots among NFL teams taking a look at Manziel

Johnny Manziel said 10 days ago, "I'd go to New England in a heartbeat," when asked about the Patriots as a potential landing spot.

That seemed like wishful thinking at the time, but they're taking a look at him...along with 12 other NFL teams, according to ESPN's Eric Williams. 

Tom Brady's current backup Brian Hoyer is, like Manziel, an ex-Cleveland Browns quarterback. Manziel would again be competing with Hoyer for the Pats' No. 2 job should New England take a chance on "Johnny Football", the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M, who's been out of football the past two years because of substance abuse and emotional problems.

FOX Sports' Bruce Feldman had it at 12 teams watching Manziel work out at the University of San Diego and said the Patriots gave Manziel a weigh-in.