Gray on weight: 'You feel lighter, you play a lot faster'


Gray on weight: 'You feel lighter, you play a lot faster'

FOXBORO -- Did Jonas Gray look quicker to you in Thursday’s preseason opener versus the Packers? Did he look faster? There’s a reason behind that, one that goes beyond Gray’s initial acknowledgement postgame that he’d lost somewhere between 3 to 5 pounds. That weight loss may not seem like much - as I noted to the hulkish running back - but Gray says it goes beyond the physical benefit. It’s mental as well.

“I think its just a mindset,” said Gray after Monday’s training camp practice. “When you feel lighter, you play a lot faster. That physical part of my game is never going to leave, but being able to run away from guys and get more yards and get more out of plays, you know, from watching film last year and seeing runs I had that I could have taken the distance, or gained more yards on it, I knew this year that was going to be a difference between was I going to play more, or play a little bit.”

So the man who emasculated the Colts in prime time a season ago, rushing for 201 yards and 4 touchdowns to earn the cover of Sports Illustrated, worked harder than he’s ever worked during the offseason, to show not only the coaching staff, but his teammates, that this version of Jonas Gray is all about business.

“I knew,“ said Gray, “for the guys to be able to trust me week in and week out, I would have to come here in great shape and show 'em how serious I am about being a player on this team and helping this team out.”

That has been evident as camp has gone on. Instead of just running to the hole, or just working his way through it before slowing down, Gray is channeling his inner Jim Brown. Every run has purpose, and even when there is nowhere to go, the former Notre Dame product keeps those legs churning well after the whistle.

“One thing I knew the coaches wanted to see was [me] to do more stuff in the open field,” acknowledged Gray. “I’m trying to emulate that in practice so every time I get that opportunity if I’m stopped, I totally try to run through and get a good 10 to 15 to 20 yards down the field, to prepare myself mentally to do that.”

You can’t knock the hustle, and even Bill Belichick, who walked by Gray’s interview session with a wary eye, would probably agree with that.

Report: Patriots acquire WR Cordarrelle Patterson in trade with Raiders

Report: Patriots acquire WR Cordarrelle Patterson in trade with Raiders

The Patriots reportedly have acquired wide receiver and kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson in a trade with the Raiders.

Pardon My Take, a podcast by Barstool Sports, first reported the news.

Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal confirmed Patterson is in fact on his way to New England.

Ian Rapaport of NFL Network reports the Patriots sent a fifth-round pick to Oakland and received a Raiders' sixth-rounder along with Patterson.

More to come...


Report: Cam Fleming visiting the Cowboys

File Photo

Report: Cam Fleming visiting the Cowboys

There's one gigantic hole to fill on the Patriots offensive line.

Replacing Nate Solder is no easy task and it's not exactly clear how the Pats will yet.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport was first to report the Patriots would like to bring back Waddle or Fleming.

It now appears that one of the former backup tackle is taking a serious look elsewhere, according to Ian Rapoport. 

It's not the best offensive line free agency market this season, so the Pats may prefer to bring back a guy they are familar with.

If Fleming is off the board, Waddle still remains as an option for New England.