Patriots teammates 'in awe' of Collins after dominating performance vs. Texans

Patriots teammates 'in awe' of Collins after dominating performance vs. Texans

FOXBORO -- Jamie Collins refuses to seek the spotlight, even after dominating performances like the one he turned in on Thursday night. He was not spotted in the locker room following the 27-0 win over the Texans, but his teammates were happy to speak for him. 

"Yeah if you watch the film he's everywhere except with the media," said corner Logan Ryan. "That's Jamie, man. You gotta love the guy. He's a beast. He does a little bit of everything really well. He's a great player."

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Collins did a lot of everything in helping coach Bill Belichick's defense pitch a shutout in prime time: With Dont'a Hightower out, Collins ran the defensive huddle and served as defensive coordinator Matt Patricia's voice on the field; he was a factor in pass-coverage, picking off Houston quarterback Brock Osweiler in the second quarter as he roamed in the middle of the field; he was the team's top run-defender contributing on five different run stuffs over the course of the night; and he recorded some bone-rattling hits that set the tone for the entire unit.

"It can be a contagious thing, and Jamie’s an impact hitter," Belichick said in a conference call on Friday. "He’s got a lot of explosion, a lot of power. He can certainly deliver a solid blow, and he’s long, and he’s athletic, he has got good range. So yeah, he’s a good player. He brings a lot to our team both in his talents and also in his playing style and his aggressiveness and ability to do whatever we ask him to do.

"Whether that’s playing zone-coverage, playing man-coverage, rush the passer, play on the end of the line, play in the middle of the line. With Hightower out he’s had a lot of communication and play-calling responsibilities, and he has not only handled those well, but it hasn’t affected any other parts of his game that added responsibility."

Collins has been such a force at times that even his teammates are slack-jawed watching him go about his business. And when he's out of the locker room before reporters can get to him following a good game, those same teammates have no problem conveying their disbelief at his physical ability.

"Jamie Collins, he's a beast, man," said safety Duron Harmon. "I tell you what, I've seen a lot of football players play, and he's definitely one of my favorite players to just watch. You just get caught up sometimes seeing all the amazing stuff he does on the field, you just sit in awe. I'm so happy he's on my team, I'll tell you that."

Martellus Bennett: NFL players just want to smoke weed and play video games

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Martellus Bennett: NFL players just want to smoke weed and play video games

Martelllus Bennett was released by the Patriots earlier this month after reappearing for a two-game cameo following his controversial exit from Green Bay last season.

As he ponders whether to play again, it's probably to safe to guess what he's been spending his time doing. It's what he says all NFL players want to do in the offseason. 

The outspoken tight end talked about the goals of every NFL player in an interview with Complex's "Out of Bounds". 

"You hand the guy a book and they're like...get that thing away from me!" Bennett said, laughing as he fumbled a book. "That thing is the devil. A book? That's the devil!"

Change to pass-interference rule is WAY overdue

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Change to pass-interference rule is WAY overdue

Yes, please, on the proposed adjustment to defensive pass interference. No, thank you on the revised catch rule.

And I know I'm going to have my dreams crushed on both counts.

Despite all the arm-flapping and breath wasted that "NOBODY KNOWS WHAT A CATCH IS ANYMORE!!!!", long-distance pass interference has been a bigger bugaboo for the league for a much longer time.

In 2017, there were 129 pass interference calls longer than 15 yards. The proposed rule change that will be debated at next week's NFL Annual Meeting will make pass interference a 15-yard penalty unless it's egregious and intentional. In those cases, it will continue to be a spot foul

So overdue. For too long offenses have been rewarded by officials on 50-50 balls where DBs and receivers engage in subtle handfighting. It's absolutely illogical to expect middle-aged officials in okay (or worse) shape to keep pace with Gronk-sized receivers and whippet-quick defenders, then make calls on plays 40 yards downfield.

If you're going to throw a flag that gives the offense 40 yards, there should be an extreme degree of certainty accompanies that flag. And too often, the officials are forced to make educated guesses. Next thing you know, Joe Flacco and Rex Grossman are in the Super Bowl.

It's probably the most difficult penalty to call in football, yet it carries the greatest punishment for a defense? What sense does that make? 

I actually think the NFL should go a step beyond and make pass interference reviewable. I'll even make this concession -- it's reviewable only for DPI that puts the ball inside the 10 and is longer than 15 yards. How's that?

"More reviews?!?!? We don't need more reviews?!?!?!"

Okay, but you'll accept them when a dimwit coach argues a spot on a three-yard run that may or may not mean a first down, but not on a play that hands the offense half the field? Come on. Forward thinking.

As for the contention corners are going to begin bludgeoning receivers once they realize they're being beaten deep -- BAM! -- that's where you get the aggravated pass interference (API . . . trademarked 2018) that can be dropped on their heads.

A DB that doesn't turn to face the ball and runs through a receiver? An arm bar all the way downfield preventing a receiver from getting his hands up? A way-too-early arrival? That's API and it's a spot foul. What are the possible negative consequences?

It will now spawn debate as to what's aggravated PI and just garden variety PI. And it asks officials to make another judgment call.

But the truth is, it already is -- in many cases -- a judgment call. And if I were an official reaching for my flag on a Hail Mary from the 43 at the end of the game where there was jostling, I'd sure as hell be happy that I have the option to call garden variety PI and put the ball at the 28 rather than put the ball at the 1.

It's a rule change that makes the game better. That way you don't have calls like this or this. This 55-yarder would be an API (defender hugs Crabtree).

Tellingly, there's no outcry about the need to reform pass interference NOW like there is about the catch rule. You know what needs to happen? A few more plays like this where the Patriots profit. Then you'll see a damn MOVEMENT!