Patriots WR Mitchell said arm injury 'looked worse than it felt'


Patriots WR Mitchell said arm injury 'looked worse than it felt'

FOXBORO – Oh, look. A diamond in the hailstorm of deflating injury news on this Sunday afternoon.

Rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell, who dislocated his left elbow in the midst of an impressive Patriots’ debut, said Sunday he’s doing well. Considering.

“I’m feeling good, I’m feeling a lot better than the day it happened,” said Mitchell in the Patriots locker room prior to Sunday’s practice. “I know for people it probably looked a lot worse than it felt. When it happened, I felt the damage but it wasn’t as painful as what I saw on TV when I saw it replayed.”

Good thing. Because the image of Mitchell’s arm bending in highly unconventional fashion was enough to make people put down the chips and salsa for a few minutes.

Asked about a timetable for his return, Mitchell said he didn’t “have an answer for that” but his chipperness and availability certainly hints that he probably isn’t far off.

Mitchell had four catches for 55 yards in the second quarter or the Patriots’ preseason opener against the Saints. “I didn’t know the stats or numbers in the moment,” Mitchell said. “I just tried to play to the best of my ability and I’m trying to get back out there so I can play to the best I can again.”

Asked if he felt he showcased his strengths, Mitchell said, “I felt prepared by this coaching staff, by this organization to put my best on film.”

Given that performance is the time off...

“Upsetting?” Mitchell said, finishing the question. “Well, I think for any competitor sitting out is disappointing but you can only control what you can control. I had no idea my arm would do that when I put it down. I had no idea what could come from that play so there’s nothing anyone could have done to stop that from happening. It was meant to be.

“Probably should have tucked my shirt in, huh?”



Duron Harmon issues apology after his arrest

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Duron Harmon issues apology after his arrest

According to The Costa Rica Star, airport police at Juan Santamaria International Airport found two ounces of marijuana inside an iced-tea can alongside several different types of THC based paraphernalia within Duron Harmon's suitcase.

Tonight he issued an apology to the Kraft family, Patriots, and his own family.

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Harmon traveled into the country from Fort Lauderdale and was sent back after being briefly detained.

The Patriots organization acknowledged the arrest, β€œWe are aware of the situation involving Duron Harmon Friday night in Costa Rica,” a Patriots spokesman said in a statement to multiple media outlets. β€œHe has since returned to the U.S., and we are seeking to gain more information. At this time, we have no further update.”


Shaq carries Gronk at Miami dance-off

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Shaq carries Gronk at Miami dance-off

Remember when Brandin Cooks rode Rob Gronkowski around like a horse to celebrate a Patriots touchdown back in November?

Well, Gronk doing Gronk things in Miami managed to find about the only person he could ride. 

Shaquille O'Neal, at 7-foot-1, gave 6-7 Gronk a ride on his shoulders as they celebrated the debut of "Shaq's Fun House" as part of the three-day Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

So, who won the dance-off?

Shaq vs @gronk dance battle you tell me who won

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