Shortened offseason forces Patriots to change


Shortened offseason forces Patriots to change

By Danny Picard Follow @dannypicard
FOXBORO -- With a shortened offseason, the Patriots began training camp on Thursday morning under a brand new CBA.

We have people that are in different stages of practice,said Belichick. Some are practicing. Some can do some things and cant doother things. Other people wont be able to participate very extensively, atthis time. We have players in all different categories . . . We havent seenthese players in months, so that status of what they can and cant do, werestill trying to determine that, and in a number of cases, I dont even know ifI can accurately tell you what our players can or cant do.

Well know more this afternoon than we did this morning. Weknew more this morning than we did last night. Its still ongoing.

As uncertain as he seemed to be, Belichick was at leastpleased with the fact that, after team meetings on Wednesday, everyone knowswhat theyll be getting into in the first day of camp.

We havent even gotten in a huddle yet, said Belichick.So well take it day by day and see how it goes.

At least were assembled, Belichick later added. Wehavent done anything yet, but were assembled, and today well be the firstday that well be able to walk into a huddle, call a play and go out and se ifwe can run it.

With the new CBA, practice rules during training camp havebeen tweaked, but Belichick isnt worried about young players growth beingstunted.

Every team in the leagues in the same situation, so theopportunities that our players have, are the same opportunities that every otherplayer in this situation has, said Belichick. Its different from last year.Its different from the year before. Theres nothing we can do about that.

Right now, were focused on all of our players: young, old,first year second year, rookies, tenth year. Going forward, having a good camp,getting ready for the season.

As for the actual practice rules themselves, Belichick saidthat everyone has the same goals, so theyll adjust as the rules continue to bemodified.

The player personnel rules, the practice rules, thecontract rules, those have even changed hourly over the last few days, saidBelichick. Its been an ongoing process. Whatever they are, then well adjustto.

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