Steve Belichick gets staff promotion


Steve Belichick gets staff promotion

After serving alongside his father as a coaching assistant for the last four seasons, the Patriots have promoted Steve Belichick to safeties coach.

The Patriots announced the promotion on their website Friday.

Steve Belichick has performed a variety of duties since joining Bill Belichick's staff, primarily helping out on the defensive side of the ball. Working closely with defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, running drills in practices and breaking down film are just some of the many tasks he's been asked to execute.

Now he'll be in charge of a meeting room that includes Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung, Duron Harmon, Jordan Richards and Nate Ebner.

Former Patriots safeties coach Brian Flores has taken over as linebackers coach, the team announced. That position was vacated earlier this offseason when Patrick Graham signed on with the Giants to serve as their defensive line coach.

Other Patriots coaching changes published on the team's website include having Dante Scarnecchia officially listed as the new offensive line coach -- a position he has taken back after two years in retirement. Former coaching assistant Jerry Schuplinski has been promoted to assistant quarterbacks coach and will work alongside offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach and fellow John Carroll University product Josh McDaniels. And Moses Cabrera has been listed as head strength and conditioning coach, taking over for Harold Nash who joined the Lions earlier this offseason. Cabrera's former position -- he served as assistant strength and conditioning coach through last season -- will be filled by James Hardy.

Pro day circuit shows Belichick in his element

Pro day circuit shows Belichick in his element

Bill Belichick is a teacher. His father was a teacher. His mother was a teacher. He is very much their son in that regard. 

The glimpses into Belichick's essence aren't as rare as you might think, but they still generate an inordinate amount of interest because he's arguably the best to ever execute the kind of teaching he's made his life's work.

Every time he takes several minutes to answer a conference call or press conference question thoughtfully, the hundreds of words found in the text of the transcribed answer typically create a stir on Twitter. NFL Films productions that show Belichick operating behind the scenes are devoured. Exclusive interviews, where he shares his insight on individual games and matchups, NFL Films productions that show Belichick operating behind the scenes are devoured. Exclusive interviews, where he shares his insight on individual games and matchups, make every installment of the β€˜Do Your Job’ series a must-watch.

Clips of Belichick on the practice field aren't necessarily hard to find, there just aren't many of them considering how many practices he's run over the course of his decades-long career. But thanks to more lax media policies at the college programs he visits for pro days, video of his on-the-field work pops up on a regular basis this time of year. They are mini-clinics dotting the internet. 

This is Belichick in his element. Even in the middle of a random university campus. Even with scouts, coaches and front-office people from around the league watching his every move. Whether he's coaching players one-on-one or three or four at a time, Belichick is imparting his wisdom on eager close-to-blank slates. All the while he's trying to evaluate how they're absorbing what he's giving them. Do they pay attention? How do they process information? Are they error-repeaters? 

It's a fascinating give-and-take between the 60-something coach trying to build a roster and the 20-something players trying to make one, some of whom hadn't yet hit kindergarten when Belichick won his first ring in New England. And he seems to enjoy it. 

Here's a quick look at some of what Belichick has been up to the last few days at Georgia, South Carolina and NC State.  



Patriots re-sign LB Marquis Flowers

Patriots re-sign LB Marquis Flowers

Linebacker Marquis Flowers is headed back to the Patriots on a one-year deal worth up to $2.55 million, according to his agent, Sean Stellato. 

Flowers, 26, a sixth-round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2014, was acquired by the Patriots near the end of training camp last year for a seventh-round pick. 

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