Ten most important Pats heading into 2015: 'D' linemen


Ten most important Pats heading into 2015: 'D' linemen

Leading up to the first day of training camp, we’re going to look at the most important Patriots, counting down from 10 to 1. 


Why? With talent on the edges and at linebacker, you want a stable group that can stop the run. There’s a couple of players on this roster who have proven they can do so, and a couple that better start showing they can, considering where they were drafted.

Previous Performance: This was a good group last, season but not elite. They were coached well and allowed to play to their strengths. Alan Branch was a nice find after washing out in Buffalo. He’s a massive presence, hard to move, with surprising lateral quickness along the line of scrimmage. But is he a 50- or 60-snap player? Doubtful. Chris Jones is best in a limited role, which is what he settled into as last season progressed. Seaver Siliga is sound and gave the unit a charge late in the year after returning from injury, especially versus Miami and the Jets. 

Questions surrounding the Group: There is no Vince Wilfork. And while Vince in 2014 wasn’t the Vince pre-Achilles injury, he still played at a high level, still played a much higher percentage of snaps than anyone else on the interior and there is no one, and I mean no one, better at giving a two-minute answer to an innocuous question. There are also two alleged high-end talents that we’ve either seen very little of (Dominique Easley, last year’s first-rounder) or not at all (this year’s first-rounder, Malcom Brown). If they are what some inside the building believe they can be, the fatties become a legit strength of the team. If they don’t . . . 

Overall Outlook: I don’t love what’s here. Silaga has never been healthy for a full season. I believe Branch and Jones are what they are. It’s the X factors that may decide whether this group elevates, or there could be more nights like the one the Pats had in the playoffs versus Baltimore. Remember that? 129 yards for Justin Forsett, and fat guys on roller skates. That’s never a good look.

EX-PATS PODCAST: Will Jaguars defense give Pats trouble?


EX-PATS PODCAST: Will Jaguars defense give Pats trouble?

On the latest episode of The Ex-Pats Podcast, Mike Giardi and Dan Koppen discuss the Patriots advancing to their seventh consecutive AFC Championship Game, and whether or not Jacksonville's defense can give the Pats problems.

Leonard Fournette involved in car accident, not injured


Leonard Fournette involved in car accident, not injured

Jacksonville running back Leonard Fournette was involved in a three-car accident Tuesday, but the team and multiple other outlets are reporting the player was not injured. 

According to WJCT in Jacksonville, Fournette was not at fault for the accident. He was reportedly rear-ended and then gave his bumper to one of the first responders. 

The Jaguars will certainly hope their star rookie is healthy for Sunday's AFC Championship against the Patriots. Fournette suffered an ankle injury in the first half of Sunday's divisional round win over the Steelers but returned for the second half.