NFL Plaintiffs' list of demands grows


NFL Plaintiffs' list of demands grows

By Adam Hart
Assisted by Mary Paoletti

The agent for Logan Mankins has denied reports his client attempted to hold NFL labor negotiations over a barrel with a 10 million cash demand.

This can only mean one thing: it's time for more fake NFL plaintiff demands. Better than watching the back-and-forth reporting on twitter.

One of Giovanni Carmazzi's five goats. Preferably alive. - Tom Brady

A non-speaking role in The Dark Knight Rises. - Brian Robison

A 3.357 lbs. bag of Skittles with all the orange and yellow removed. - Von Miller

An all-expense-paid trip to Jurassic Park. The real one. - Peyton Manning

A private concert with the Trololo guy. In 1966. - Drew Brees

The right to sign the largest signature on the document settling the lawsuit, John Hancock style - Vincent Jackson

Three Dogs of War, complete with titanium teeth and infrared spy camera. - SURPRISE! Not Michael Vick. It's Ben Leber.

A glorious sweater-vest bon fire. But it better be glorious. - Mike Vrabel

An Adam Schefter vs. Bert Breer cage match. We all know Breer will win; he's been living on the streets. - Osi Umenyiora

A public apology from NFLPAmythologist Jeffrey Kessler. And Don't Ever Trust Lawyers classes for every football writer in the country. - Logan Mankins

Redskins' 20-10 victory adds to woes for Giants (2-9)


Redskins' 20-10 victory adds to woes for Giants (2-9)

LANDOVER, Md. - Kirk Cousins threw two touchdown passes to compensate for a pick-6, and the Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants 20-10 on Thursday night on a drab field in a drab game between two injury-depleted teams that did not look ready for prime time. Click here to read more. 


Report: Jones may still go after Goodell

Report: Jones may still go after Goodell

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has backed down from his threat to sue the NFL over commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension, is adamant about his fellow owners discussing it at a Dec. 13 meeting, according to Pro Football Talk.

Here's more from Charean Williams of's Pro Football Talk.