Ownership likely not budging on system issues


Ownership likely not budging on system issues

NEW YORK It's still early in today's episode of, "As The NBA Stands Still," with both the NBA and the NBA Players Association having been together for around an hour or so.

But the more I talk with various league sources, the more it sounds as though this ownership group isn't willing to budge on the system issues that the union says it has to have in order to get a deal done.

"The owners have really dug their heels in on this," said one source on Thursday morning. "Hard to say right now what it'll take to get a deal done."

The union wants a 51 percent cut of the basketball-related income, but has said they are willing to negotiate that amount provided the owners show some flexibility on a series of system issues such as sign-and-trades, the mid-level exception for tax-paying teams and trade exceptions.

I asked Derek Fisher following the last bargaining session if there was anything he heard from the owners side that gave him confidence that they would be more flexible on the system issues in today's meeting.

"I can't characterize whether they showed flexibility in certain system issues," Fisher said. "We'd have a deal done if the right flexibility was being shown. The fact that we don't have a deal lets you know that there's still a lot of work to be done on the system."

While both the NBA and NBAPA indicated little progress was made in their last bargaining session, multiple league sources said more progress was made than either side is willing to reveal as of now for fear that it will created heightened expectations.

Regardless, both sides are still at the bargaining table in hopes of getting a deal done soon.

And maybe, just maybe, that'll finally get "As the NBA Stands Still" axed.