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Patriots Hokey Pokey video released


Patriots Hokey Pokey video released

By Adam Hart

FOX Sports' Jay Glazer has unveiled a video -- this one, right here -- of a Patriots player doing the Hokey Pokey, purportedly putting his left foot in a la Sal Alosi.

After the Jets' conditioning coach was nabbed for setting up a player wall and tripping a Dolphins punt coverage gunner, the team fingered the Patriots for erecting such a human wall. No proof was provided, until now! Dun dun dun.

Heard enough about Tripgate, so this is all water under the bridge for me. What really stands out is this line from Howie Long:

"Is it just me, or do videos just keep coming out from the Jets?"

Howie, you devil. If that's not a reference to Sexy Rexy's footie video, I don't know what is.