Belichick acutely aware of slow Super Bowl starts: 'We try to score'

Belichick acutely aware of slow Super Bowl starts: 'We try to score'

FOXBORO -- Last spring, Patriots coaches, and their significant others got together for a dinner where they toasted to a successful season and rehashed some of their memories from Super Bowl LI. There were cameras in the room, filming for "Do Your Job Part 2," and few of the addresses made the final cut. 


Linebackers coach Brian Flores had one line in particular that got the room laughing.

"Coach [Bill] Belichick, prior to the game," Flores recalled, "looked right at Tom Brady and goes 'Tom, we've been six Super Bowls together, and we've never scored a point in the first quarter. Can we get that done?' I look around and I go, 'Man, we're going to score 30 points in the first quarter.' "

Didn't work out that way.

Headed to their eighth Super Bowl, Belichick is keenly aware that his offenses have still not scored in the first quarter in the biggest game of the season. On Wednesday, he was asked by ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss about those slow get-offs. 

"In the Super Bowls in the past," Reiss started, "you guys haven’t scored in the first quarter..."

"Thanks, Mike, yeah," Belichick said. "Any other negative stuff from the Super Bowls I need to be aware of, too?" 

"Look, we try to score in every game," Belichick added. "I know that’s probably hard to understand, but we try to go out and score and keep the other team from scoring. That’s our goal every game."

Lighting up the scoreboard early in Minnesota won't be easy for Belichick's club as the Eagles were the owners of the No. 4 scoring defense in the NFL during the regular season. Asked if the team would put any extra emphasis on a fast start over the course of the next week-and-a-half, Belichick provided the equivalent of a verbal shoulder shrug.

"What’s important is what happens this week against the Eagles," he said, "so we’re going to try to score, and we’re going to try to keep them from scoring."

King: It was football, not family that kept McDaniels with Patriots

King: It was football, not family that kept McDaniels with Patriots

There have been all kinds of theories of what ultimately kept Josh McDaniels from taking the Indianapolis Colts head coaching job.

NBC Sports Boston Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran offered his here and here. Ex-Pats linebacker Willie McGinest said he was told it wasn't because McDaniels was promised to eventually succeed Bill Belichick. 

Now comes Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who told NBCSports Network's "PFT Live" that you can cross off the theory that McDaniels' reversal was about not wanting to move his family to Indianapolis. 

“This had nothing to do with his family,” King said. “It was about the Patriots giving him a better option than Indianapolis.”

More here from's Pro Football Talk. 


Report: WWE trying to sign Rob Gronkowski

Report: WWE trying to sign Rob Gronkowski

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has hinted about walking away from football at 28 and apparently World Wrestling Entertainment is listening.

According to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer newsletter, WWE is willing to offer Gronk a "similar style deal" that it offered UFC star Ronda Rousey, who made her WWE debut late last month, is scheduled to be part of its "Elimination Chamber" event Feb. 25 and is being advertised as being part of their WrestleMania signature event April 8.

Gronk was part of Wrestlemania last year (see video below) and his friend, wrestler Mojo Rawley, hinted earlier this week that Gronkowski might be looking to give up football for the ring. Gronk has also reportedly been considering retiring to pursue a movie career.