Miller can't stop calling Brady 'the GOAT' even though he thinks Manning was better


Miller can't stop calling Brady 'the GOAT' even though he thinks Manning was better

FOXBORO -- Von Miller doesn't believe Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. That title should be reserved for Peyton Manning. Yet, for some reason, Miller can't stop calling Brady "the GOAT."

Confused? So was he, I think, on Wednesday's conference call.

Asked what makes Tom Brady -- who Miller has played eight times in his career -- so good, Miller couldn't have been more complimentary before realizing he was committing a crime against his former teammate.

"Tom Brady? Everything. He's the GOAT," Miller said. "He's the GOAT, but I feel like Peyton Manning is the real GOAT. But Tom Brady is the GOAT."

Got it. Wait...wha? So who's better?

"I mean I'm going to go with my guy," Miller said. "I'm going to go with Peyton, but I mean Tom Brady is the GOAT."

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Still just not getting it. One more time, please?

"I mean whenever you're talking about 'TB12,' " Miller said. "It's just like [GOAT is] his name, too. It's not correct. It's not correct but that is his name. But it's not correct because in my opinion Peyton Manning is the GOAT. But that is his name. You know what I'm saying?" 

Not at all.

"It's kind of weird," Miller added. "Tom Brady, that's his real name. It's kind of like Bill and William. That's his name. He is the GOAT, but in all reality it's Peyton. That's my guy."

That guy retired at 39 years old and was a shell of his former self by the end of his career. Brady, meanwhile, is in the conversation for NFL MVP halfway through his 40-year-old season. 

Given how things went for Manning, is what Brady doing now any more impressive, Miller was asked? Or might it sway his opinion of the quarterback he's about to face?

"It's just how life is sometimes," Miller said. "Sometimes guys [are] just different. It's just different for each individual. Brady is playing until 40. It looks like he can play until 45. Some other guys they can't make it that many years. It's all different. That all falls into the equation of Tom Brady being the GOAT."

Sounds like he's coming around. 

Cardinals reportedly choose Wilks; Flores a logical choice to replace Patricia


Cardinals reportedly choose Wilks; Flores a logical choice to replace Patricia

The brain drain in New England after this season may not be quite as severe as it once looked like it might be.

According to ESPN, the Cardinals have chosen to hire Panthers assistant head coach and defensive coordinator Steve Wilks as their next head coach. That would mean that Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores, a finalist for the job in Arizona, will shoot to the front of the line of candidates to succeed Matt Patricia as Patriots defensive coordinator. Patricia is expected to be named Lions head coach after Super Bowl LII. 

For the Patriots, holding onto Flores would be a significant boost to their coaching staff in 2018.

The team is also expected to lose Josh McDaniels, who could be named head coach of the Colts after the season. Special teams coach Joe Judge is working on an expiring deal, per ESPN, and could be elsewhere next season as well. Then there's offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, who will be 70 later this month and could be interested in going back to the retirement life he enjoyed for two years in 2014 and 2015 before returning last season. 

Flores, 36, has been with the Patriots since 2004. He's served as a scouting assistant, a pro scout, a special teams assistant, a defensive assistant and safeties coach (2012-2015) before taking over linebacker duties. As our Mike Giardi wrote earlier this month, Flores is highly-respected by Patriots players and would make all kinds of sense as the team's next defensive coordinator.


Patricia family enjoys the moment following final game at Gillette Stadium


Patricia family enjoys the moment following final game at Gillette Stadium

Matt Patricia was on his back, laying in confetti, his son sitting alongside, soaking up the last few moments of the night. It was well after the Patriots had defeated the Jaguars to claim their shot at Super Bowl LII, and Patricia probably knew it was his last game at Gillette Stadium as Patriots defensive coordinator. 

Every week, in conference calls with reporters, Patricia adheres as strictly to the "on to fill-in-the-blank" as anyone. But on Sunday night, more than two hours after the game had ended, he was very much living in the now.  

"After the game had kind of settled down and everything," Patricia said Monday, "I had my son here at the game, he hasn't really been to a lot of games -- he's been to two -- so that was kind of his second game. He wanted to go play on the field. 

"We played a good game of touch football. He beat me 4-0. He kind of out-ran me there a little bit. He made some good plays on me, I couldn't catch him. Just fun to have him out there running around and just seeing the excitement that he had to be out on the field. Kind of a special little moment for myself and him and my wife."

Patricia is expected to be named the next coach of the Detroit Lions, which will mean a new city, a new chapter for his family after he spent the last 14 years in New England under Bill Belichick. Before that happens, he'll have one more game with the team that gave him his first job in pro football. And maybe a shot at a rematch with his son.

"He's pretty good," Patricia said. "I mean, he's pretty quick. I might have to try to get in better shape before that happens. We'll see. We'll see what happens. I might have to take the physical game to him."