Trip down memory lane: Belichick compares Amendola return to Brown's in 2001


Trip down memory lane: Belichick compares Amendola return to Brown's in 2001

We're less than halfway into the 2017 season, but Bill Belichick has already put together two of the more entertaining "Belichick Breakdowns" in recent memory on He's having some fun with these, it seems. 

Following his team's last-minute win over the Texans in Week 3, he highlighted an in-game adjustment made by offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels that took advantage of a brief conversation had by a pair of Houston defensive backs. After beating the Bucs last week, one of his favorite plays from the game prompted him to take a quick trip down memory lane

Belichick first broke down a second-quarter punt return by Danny Amendola that went for 40 yards, explaining that "it always starts with getting the gunners and handling the ball." One Tampa Bay gunner was flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty as he ran out of bounds down the field in pursuit of Amendola, adding onto what was already a good gain helped by blocks from Jonathan Jones, Johnson Bademosi, Patrick Chung, Jordan Richards. 

"There's actually some organization," Belichick said, "to the chaos that's going on."

It reminded Belichick of the punt return that Troy Brown took back for a touchdown in Pittsburgh during the 2001 AFC Championship Game.

On the snap prior to Brown's touchdown, the opposition had a player run out of bounds on a punt without being touched -- much like in Tampa -- which backed the Steelers up five yards and forced them to re-kick. On the subsequent punt, the Patriots dominated their blocking assignments. 

Larry Izzo and Patrick Pass sealed off their would-be tacklers, Ty Law pancaked the long-snapper, Matt Chatham never let his man get off the line of scrimmage, and Terrell Buckley and Antwan Harris smothered their gunner on a double-team.

By the end of the play, mauled by Harris and Buckley, the Steelers gunner was on his hands and knees in his own end zone after starting the play at the eight-yard line. 

"That's about as good as a gunner can be blocked right there," Belichick said. "These guys should be on the porch on the Hall of Fame just for that block alone."

During the segment with host Scott Zolak, Belichick also explained what went on during Dion Lewis' 31-yard run -- the team's first explosive run of the season, Belichick pointed out -- as well as a Devin McCourty tackle-for-loss and an Elandon Roberts third-down stop.

You can watch the entire video here.

Jaguars have Ramsey's back


Jaguars have Ramsey's back

Enough has been made of Jalen Ramsey’s bold proclamation that the Jaguars are going to win the Super Bowl despite the fact that they’re aren’t even on that stage yet.

I know it’s not how the Patriots do business but other teams do. Does it generally work? Well, no one can match the Pats sustainability but that doesn’t mean that style can’t be effective in shorter windows.

Look at the Seahawks or Ravens. Even the Giants could be boisterous. That leads me back to the Jags, who have Ramsey’s back.

“We’re so close that I think it’s OK to say, ‘Hey, we’re going to do this,’’’ said defensive tackle Malik Jackson.

“The man has confidence in his team,” added Abry Jones, also a defensive tackle. “What’s he going to say? He knows what we’re going up there to do. It’s not like he’s saying anything that’s not true.”

“He does things very passionately,” Calais Campbell told the Rich Eisen show. “You feed off that. When you see a guy who loves the game as much as he does, you can’t help but fall into the same mentality.”

That is what makes Ramsey different from say Mike Mitchell, the Steelers safety who ran his mouth weeks ago about beating the Patriots in the AFC title game and then stood outside the Jags locker room and yapped about what a long day the visitors were in forSunday. How’s that working out for Mitchell now? He’s at home while Ramsey is about to play in his biggest game as a pro.

“He’s going to talk, but he’s going to show up,” Yannick Ngakoue said. “I just don’t like people talking all week. You talk reckless, man, and you lose. It is what it is.”

That is not an indicator to the Jags that Ramsey is looking ahead.

“He’s just happy,” noted Ngakoue. “He understands we have a giant in front of us and he’s got to pay all of his attention to this team. We don’t even know who’s going to play in the Super Bowl…We understand we have to do what we have to do or we’ll be watching the Super Bowl at home like everybody else.”

Of course, Ngakoue, the gifted edge rusher on that fearsome front 4, had some pointed words to the Steelers after that 45-42 win Sunday saying “real people don’t say nothing. Real people are quiet but then throw the first punch…they thought they were bullies today. We were the bullies. See you next year.”

That’s not Ramsey’s modus operandi however. He got under A.J. Green’s skin so much that the normally peaceful Bengals wideout threw punches at the Jags corner during the game and reportedly wanted more after the game. Then - and now - Jacksonville seems okay with it so long as the All-Pro corner continues to deliver the goods.

“Everybody has their own persona,” said Leonard Fournette. “Whatever motivates them. We aren’t worried about two weeks ahead of us. We aren’t worried about the Super Bowl. It’s the next game. It’s Sunday in New England.”


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