Which major moves over the last year have been the biggest?

Which major moves over the last year have been the biggest?

Big moves only happen so often. Yet dating back to last Halloween, the regularity with which they’ve occurred throughout Boston’s major four teams has been comical. 

The latest came this week, when the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers brought to mind confusion that had struck Pats fans a season ago with the Jamie Collins trade. 

Those have hardly been the only big deals made dating back to last Oct. 31. Counting only the real biggies (apologies to the Addison Reeds and Marcus Morrises of the world), here’s an attempt at organizing what by my count has been 10 huge shakeups for Boston sports teams: 


Trading for Chris Sale

Trading for Kyrie Irving 

These are the two biggest, because the biggest change you can make to a team is to add or subtract a franchise player. Both Sale and Irving qualify as such. Plus, the assets moved in the deals show more of a commitment to now than to the future. In the case of the Sale trade, it meant moving more prospects. In the case of the Irving deal, it meant setting the team up to take over as the East’s top team once the Cavs disbanded. 


Trading first overall pick, drafting Jayson Tatum 

Trading Jimmy Garoppolo 

Signing Gordon Hayward

All three of these moves teeter on belonging in that top section because there’s a good chance in each case that we’re talking about a franchise player. Hayward’s addition has obviously been diminished by the combination of injury and the fact that he wasn’t the biggest star acquired by the team that offseason. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Tatum became a franchise player based on what he’s shown through seven games. Garoppolo could be a stud for the 49ers; his departure obviously has twice the impact given what it means for Tom Brady. 


Firing Claude Julien 

The 2016-17 Bruins were a fledgling team with Claude Julien at the helm, and though he’s widely regarded as the better coach between he and Bruce Cassidy, Julien’s ouster was followed by a spike in shooting percentage that took the B’s from 1.05 points in the standings per game to 1.37 and the team’s first playoff berth in three seasons. The jury on that move should remain out, however, as the Bruins dealt with inconsistent play and injuries en route to a 4-3-3 start this season.


Trading for Brandin Cooks

Trading Jamie Collins

The Cooks trade would rank way higher for other football teams, and though he’s one of the team’s best players, he still ranks behind some of the best to ever play the sport in Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. 

As for the Collins move, it was certainly shocking, but between the lack of return and the fact that they didn’t go on to miss him, it’s hard to look at it as major in hindsight. 


Firing John Farrell/Hiring Alex Cora

Released Pablo Sandoval 

If there’s no bigger move than adding or subtracting a franchise player, where would you put subtracting a player being paid what would ruin more thrifty franchises? Eh, low. The Red Sox can always afford it. 



Kraft: Trump stance on NFL protests 'divisive and horrible'

Kraft: Trump stance on NFL protests 'divisive and horrible'

In an audio recording obtained by the New York Times of the contentious October meeting between NFL owners and players over protests during the national anthem, Patriots owner - and friend of President Trump - Robert Kraft blasted Trump.

“The problem we have is, we have a president who will use that as fodder to do his mission that I don’t feel is in the best interests of America,” the Times quotes Kraft as saying. “It’s divisive and it’s horrible.”

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie cautioned the players not to be baited by Trump, who earlier in the fall had called NFL players sons of bitches for kneeling during the anthem before games. Lurie called the Trump presidency "disastrous." 

"We've got to be careful not to be baited by Trump or whoever else," Lurie said. 

Many of the players told the owners that ex-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who initiated the kneeling protest, was being blackballed by the owners.

"We all agree in this room that he should be on a roster," said former Patriots linebacker Chris Long, who recently retired after winning a Super Bowl with the Eagles. 


Report: QB Lamar Jackson had private workout for McDaniels

Report: QB Lamar Jackson had private workout for McDaniels

The Patriots-picking-Lamar-Jackson rumors Thursday night in the first-round of the draft are bound to heat up in the next 24 hours after a report by Jenny Vrentas of Sports Illustrated's MMQB that the Louisville quarterback had a second workout for the Pats - this one a private session in South Florida for offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Jackson, the Heisman Trophy winner in 2016, previously made a visit to Foxboro, where he even got a laugh out of Bill Belichick. 

The Patriots, with picks No. 23 and 31 in the first round, would likely have to trade up to get Jackson, whose mobility is one of his key assets. Our Phil Perry has him going 15th to the Arizona Cardinals in his latest mock draft.

Speaking at the site of the draft in Dallas on Wednesday, Jackson, via's Jeremy Bergman, sounded excited at the prospect of New England trading up to get him and he's sticking by his mother as his manager.

Jackson already has kind of an endorsement from Brady via Instagram earlier this month. And click here for our Mike Giardi on Jackson from our "Next Heir Up" series on possible Pats future QBs.