Should we be worried about the Pats' O-line?


Should we be worried about the Pats' O-line?

On "Felger and Mazz," Jermaine Wiggins admits Patriots fans should be nervous about the state of the offensive line.

The ex-Pats' tight end joined Tony Massarotti and Michael Felger to discuss the state of the line. Before camp began, Mazz wrote that the O-line was "in disarray."

Now, as Felger points out, Brian Waters is missing from camp, Logan Mankins hasn't gotten on the field yet, Sebastian Vollmer is also injured and Robert Gallery has retired.

Wiggins says he's "a little bit" concerned. "If Brian Waters decides to come back, he can jump right back in."

Still, Wiggins says, "You've got No. 12 back there to protect. That's your investment."

Mazz actually says "disarray" might be too strong a word. He has somewhat softened his stance.

"I'm not alarmed," Mazz says, "but I do have a little concern."