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Morning Skate: Leafs vs. Bruins means Kadri vs. Marchand

Morning Skate: Leafs vs. Bruins means Kadri vs. Marchand

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while mulling over my NHL Awards ballot.

*One would expect there’s going to be a pretty good war of words between Nazem Kadri and Brad Marchand in the upcoming Bruins/Leafs series, and it will get nastier and grittier as the series moves along.

*Max Pacioretty said he’s “fallen in love with” Montreal as another Habs season ends without the playoffs. He may want to get ready for a painful break-up, just in case. It feels like some real changes need to be coming to that organization.  

*Part of the Cinderella story of the Vegas Golden Knights being in the playoffs is the charms of Las Vegas being part of the storyline. Today we bring you: A Marc-Andre Fleury likeness made entirely out of chocolate courtesy of one of the casinos in Vegas.

*Former UMass-Lowell goalie Connor Hellebuyck is not feeling any pressure as the guy at the back end of a loaded Winnipeg team ready for the playoffs.

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) Kevin Kurz does a deep dive on comparing versions of Pete DeBoer’s Sharks teams, and what makes this season different.

*Damien Cox says that team-building in the NHL is being lost in the midst of overnight contenders for the Stanley Cup. Unless I’m mistaken the teams in last year’s Cup Final, Penguins and Predators, were long-term builds with some obvious tweaks both big and small that put them over the top. But I don’t see any real legit Cup contenders that are overnight successes, unless you are talking about the Vegas franchise. But I don’t think they’re a legit contender, so there’s that as well.

*A couple of first-class moves by the Boston Bruins Foundation to support the family and friends of the Humboldt Broncos, who are healing and will be in need of help for a long while after last week’s horrific bus accident.

*For something completely different: Damian Lewis is going to play late, ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford? Yeah, I just don’t see it.



Morning Skate: Claude says no locks for young Habs next season

Morning Skate: Claude says no locks for young Habs next season

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while giving a thumbs up to “The Toys That Made Us” on Netflix. It’s a great, nostalgic show about the awesome toys that came out in the golden era, 1970s and 1980s.

*Oh boy...It sounds like Canadiens coach and old friend Claude Julien is chiming in on the young players not being locks for the Habs lineup next season in Montreal. Boy, this sounds like his time in Boston, doesn’t it?

*Does Erik Karlsson scooping up a puck mean that his tenure with the Ottawa Senators has come to a close? Could be as FOH (Friend of Haggs) Ian Mendes takes a look.

*Is John Tavares giving some mixed signals about his future with the New York Islanders while talking about Mat Barzal? Hmmm.

*Sam Reinhart has really put up an enormous second half for the Buffalo Sabres and is perhaps showing some of the promise the Sabres believed he had when they drafted him.

*Ryan Suter done for the season after breaking his ankle in a huge blow for the Minnesota Wild just ahead of the playoffs.

*For something completely different: It sounds like DC may no longer be going with the “Flashpoint” storyline for their Flash movie, which would be kind of a bummer.


Morning Skate: to tank or not to tank?

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Morning Skate: to tank or not to tank?

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while feeling plenty of hope for the future based on the events of yesterday. Those kids are an inspiration.

*Larry Brooks cautions the Rangers not to fall into the trap the Buffalo Sabres are mired in where bottoming out to get top draft picks has left them in a perpetual state of suckitude. It should be noted that sinking to the bottom and getting a couple of top picks seemed to work out pretty okay for the Chicago Blackhawks. So there’s your counterpoint.  

*We have officially crossed over into the Toronto twilight zone.

*The current NHL season can’t end soon enough for Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, and I’d imagine there are plenty involved with the Habs that are really looking forward to getting over with the final seven games of the season.

*Here’s a look at some potential underdog surprises in the Stanley Cup playoffs as the match-ups begin to come into view.

*Cool moment as Stan Fischler is saluted by the Madison Square Garden crowd as his distinguished media career wraps up at the end of this season.

*Here’s a really poignant story about Minnesota Wild forward Jason Zucker, and how one random choice made in his teen years essentially saved his life, and another in his NHL career gave him new direction.

*For something completely different: Well, this sounds like a guy you don’t want to ever invite over for any parties.