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Wakeup call: No 'A' weekend for Yanks, nor for 'Dwite howard'


Wakeup call: No 'A' weekend for Yanks, nor for 'Dwite howard'

Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Monday, July 23:

Vicki Santo was the star of the show at Cooperstown. (CSN Chicago)

Oh, and Barry Larkin was there, too. (AP)

Think the Red Sox had a bad weekend? Hey, it could have been worse. Just ask the Yankees. (AP)

Let's just say Shaq isn't impressed with the three finalists for the Orlando coaching job (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk), and he sends along his sympathy to "Dwite howard".

Too bad Jeremy Lin didn't go to Oxford. Then you'd really have gotten a deal on his Knicks Fathead. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Ray Ratto calls the NCAA's impending penalties on Penn State "monumentally self-serving," saying it's "what the NCAA does best when confronted by the misdeeds of the few -- it punishes the many, and most of them had nothing to do with the crimes in question." (CSN Bay Area)

Rex Ryan says he didn't know the Jets had a "rift in our team" last year, and he's mad at himself for allowing it to happen. Now he says he has a "sensei" -- the Japanese word for teacher -- who's going to help him prevent a recurrence, though he won't identify him . . . at least not now. "After we have the season that we're going to have, I'll mention his name," said Ryan. (Newark Star-Ledger via NBC's Pro Football Talk) Can't wait, Rex.

Michael Vick doubles down on the dynasty talk (CSN Philly), and says his teammates have his back.

Six members of the Broncos visited with some survivors of the Colorado theatre shooting, hoping to raise their spirits and, in the words of linebacker Joe Mays, "try to put a smile on these peoples' faces." And what happened? "They put a smile on our faces," said Mays (AP), in yet another example of the remarkable resiliency of the human spirit.

No rifts in the players' union in their labor battle with the owners. Right, Jonathan Toews? (CSN Chicago via NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

The sides are scheduled to talk three times this week. But if you're thinking there's going to be a dramatic breakthrough, think again. (CSN Washington, via NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

When Dan Carcillo played in Philadelphia, the feeling in Flyers Nation was, "Yeah, he may be a rat, but he's our rat." Now they've probably dropped the last part of that sentence. (CSN Philly)