Was the Patriots season a success?


Was the Patriots season a success?

On "Patriots Postgame Live," Michael Felger, Troy Brown and Ty Law talk about whether or not this season should be labeled a success for the Patriots after it ended Sunday night with a 28-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game in Foxboro.

Law, the former Patriots cornerback, said no, it can't be called a success.

"It's hard to say failure when you make it to the championship game," Law said. "But this is the Patriots." He said when you consider that the Pats reached the Super Bowl last year, then falling short here makes the season "a failure."

Brown, the former Pats wide receiver, disagreed.

"It's a success for what they built this defense into," Brown said.

Felger termed it "a categorical success."

"It's hard," Felger said of even reaching back to back Super Bowls. "The last team to do repeat were the Patriots in '03 and '04."