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Browning Expeditions
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June 13, 2011, 4:06 pm

Browning Expeditions
Browning Expeditions is the hunting show you have been looking for. It pushes the limit in hunting programming with quality hunting experiences, quality places and quality people. Host Stephen LeBlanc and his special guests take you across North America and around the world to great locations with the best hunts in the world. Browning Expeditions not only records great hunting footage with top quality animals, but also gives you an insider look at what it takes to achieve success with top big game species.

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Host Stephen LeBlanc is not only a world class expert on wildlife, a biologist and a noted wildlife sculptor, he is also a life-long hunter with a trophy room packed with world class animals to his credit . . . all accomplished doing the same things you do: hard work, careful planning and a detailed knowledge of the game. Along the way you'll learn ideas and tricks that turn ordinary hunts into hunts of a lifetime.

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