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Ask Aggrey: NBA Draft edition


Ask Aggrey: NBA Draft edition

Greetings. Its been a while, but with the NBA Draft coming up, a return to the mailbag is appropriate. As I said in the season-ending edition, it wont be a weekly thing during the offseason, but Ill be back with responses to your free-agency questions soon. Anyway, now that the shock of Derricks injury and the subsequent first-round loss to the Sixers -- not to mention the Heat winning the championship -- has hopefully worn off, theres been much hubbub about what moves the Bulls will make in preparation for next season.

Nothing can be done about the past, but the Bulls present and future could seemingly go either way, based on what happens starting Thursday night. In my view, while the Bulls couldnt have anticipated Derrick s injury-plagued season during the lockout, a year ago they should have been pushing for the NBA to return to the old territorial-draft system -- but based on a players hometown, not the college he attended -- as a condition of the new CBA. That way, not only would they have consensus top pick Anthony Davis in the fold now, but potentially Jabari Parker in a few short years. Sure, most of other teams wouldnt have taken kindly to that, but stranger things, such as LeBron James shockingly disproving Cavaliers owner Dan Gilberts prediction that Cleveland would win a title before Miami, have happened. Hope everybodys summer is going well and enjoy the mailbag:

Do you think the Bulls can trade up in this year's draft? -- Kevin T.

Kevin, I think the Bulls can trade up, but I doubt that they will. Theyre certainly exploring the possibility, as theyd like a injection of youth that a rookie with a big upside would provide, as well as the financial flexibility theyd gain from jettisoning one of their four eight-figure contracts, which is nearly impossible to maintain with the way the new CBA is structured. But in a deep draft like this one, with many of the lottery teams being young and wanting productive veterans, theyre not the only team looking to trade up. The rumored asking price of either Luol or Joakim and the 29th pick for a lottery pick and an expiring veteran contract might not work for the Bulls or their potential trading partners, depending on what other teams needs are. Personally, I expect them to stand pat on Thursday, except for the possibility of a minor deal to free up cap space.

When will Nikola Mirotic come to play for the Bulls? -- @chef_dreadhead

Chef, Mirotic will most likely arrive in Chicago for the 2014-15 season, though some overseas players in the past have opted to remain abroad. Regardless, the way it works is this: Mirotic has a buyout in his contract with Real Madrid and the Bulls can only contribute a minimal amount to that payment during the length of a standard, three-year NBA rookie contract. Mirotic doesnt make enough money at his current salary for paying the buyout himself to make sense, nor is it likely that hed want to. Instead, after the 2013-14 season, the Bulls would be in the position to buy him out of his contract and bring him to Chicago. That would also dovetail with the end of Luols deal and theres a strong possibility the Bulls would consider amnestying Carlos at that point.

Who will the Bulls sign to be our point guard until Rose comes back? -- Conner

Conner, thats the big mystery right now. I reported earlier in the off-season that the Bulls would make a push for future Hall of Fame point guards like Steve Nash and Jason Kidd -- you can add Andre Miller to that list -- but while at least Kidd expressed some interest in coming to Chicago, its going to be tough to convince a well-established veteran to sign at a discounted rate, even for a chance to have a significant role next season and have a shot a championship down the road. Still, the word is, that with the new CBA, many teams will be cautious about who hand out big contracts to, so if the Bulls stay patient, it could yield them a quality, starting-caliber point guard later in the summer or at the least, a bargain price for somebody competent enough to hold down the fort during Derricks absence.

Are the Bulls looking to draft a shooting guard? -- @TONYL0PEZ

Tony, theyre definitely targeting perimeter players and shooting guards make the most sense. However, if the likes of Ohio State power forward Jared Sullinger slips -- he was medically red-flagged due to back issues -- Im sure the Bulls would have to at least consider him. Also, if they have a point guard or small forward who fits a need ahead of the available shooting guards on their board, Id expect them to go the best-available route. At the same time, I dont see Thibs immediately trusting a rookie point guard to run the offense, even in a backup role, and while Jimmy Butler can defend both wing positions, hes best suited for small forward, so a shooting guard makes more sense than anything else. Unless, of course, they make a trade.

Is it possible to bring Brandon Roy out of retirement? -- Mike M.

Mike, I think its more than possible that Roy comes out of retirement. Even going back to last season, some of his NBA peers, such as Jamal Crawford, were relaying that he had an itch to play again, which makes sense, given his relatively young age, high level of play before injuries started to take their toll and how he ended -- at least temporarily -- his career. However, Im assuming youre implying whether hed come to the Bulls. That remains to be seen, although the Bulls did show some interest when rumors about his return popped up last season. But hell have a lot of other suitors, too, and there will be teams with more money to offer than Chicago.

Do you see the Bulls trading Luol Deng? Could a draft pick develop into a nice replacement in the next couple years? -- Kyle G.

Kyle, I dont think the Bulls will trade Luol for a pick. As he said himself, he isnt surprised that theyre exploring trading him, especially considering his contract is up after the 2013-14 season, but unless they got into the top-five or so of the draft, it would be difficult to justify trading him for the chance to get a prospect who takes years to develop or worse, the player theyre targeting not being available when they pick. Furthermore, not every lottery team can absorb Luols current contract and with the possibility he misses the beginning of next season with his wrist injury, it complicates things even more. More importantly, however, trading the teams second-best player while the Bulls still have a window to contend for a title -- albeit probably not next season -- and before Derricks future can be properly evaluated would be a very risky move to make, unless another deal for a star was on the horizon.

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The postseason begins in the latest Preps Power Rankings

The postseason begins in the latest Preps Power Rankings

The IHSA playoffs are finally here for all of boys basketball as regionals begin this week in the Class 3A and 4A. Since Class 2A only has one team in the top 25, defending champion Orr, most of the focus on the Power Rankings falls on teams in the Class 3A and 4A fields. 

1. Simeon (25-3, 9-0) (1) -- The heavy favorites in Class 4A, the Wolverines start the playoffs against Hubbard or Reavis before potentially facing Sandburg or Crete-Monee for a regional title.

2. Orr (22-4, 9-0) (2) -- The Spartans won a regional in Class 2A as they move on to play Uplift in the sectional semifinals on Wednesday. The Titans might be the toughest team Orr faces in its quest to repeat as 2A champions. 

3. Curie (23-4, 8-1) (3) -- The No. 1 seed in the Riverside-Brookfield Sectional of Class 4A, the Condors could face York or Riverside-Brookfield for a regional title as that could be a tough matchup. 

4. Whitney Young (22-7, 7-2) (4) -- The defending Class 4A champions are the No. 2 seed in the Riverside-Brookfield Sectional as they could face St. Joseph or St. Ignatius for a regional title next week. 

5. Morgan Park (18-9, 7-2) (5) -- The Mustangs will try to repeat in Class 3A as they might face Vocational or Perspectives/Leadership for a regional title. Now that Ayo Dosunmu is healthy and back, Morgan Park should be the favorites once again.

6. Fenwick (19-7, 8-0) (6) -- Catholic League champion Fenwick is up in Class 4A this year as they're a No. 4 seed in a loaded Riverside-Brookfield Sectional. The Friars might have a showdown with Proviso East for a regional title if both teams win earlier in the week. 

7. Evanston (21-5, 8-2) (8) -- The Loaded Maine East Sectional will be tough but Evanston is the No. 1 seed. The Wildkits could have a tough regional title game ahead of them as Maine West and Notre Dame are both capable of making it a close game.

8. Oak Park-River Forest (22-5, 12-0) (9) -- Knocking off Hinsdale South for the West Suburban crown, the Huskies have a lot of positive momentum entering the Class 4A playoffs. OPRF is the No. 3 seed in the Riverside-Brookfield Sectional as they could play Lincoln Park for a regional title.

9. Benet (23-4, 8-1) (10) -- With a 14-game winning streak entering the playoffs, the Redwings are red hot. Benet is the No. 2 seed in the Glenbard East Sectional in Class 4A as they could match up with Naperville Central or Glenbard West for a regional title. 

10. West Aurora (21-4, 10-0) (11) -- Winners of 13 straight, West Aurora is the No. 2 seed in the Romeoville Sectional. The Blackhawks could face Andrew or Plainfield North for a regional title at Plainfield South. 

11. Marist (24-4, 7-2) (12) -- An impressive 24-win season has Marist as the No. 2 seed in the Thornton Sectional as they host a Class 4A regional. The RedHawks might play Thornwood or Bloom to win that regional on Friday night. 

12. Niles North (24-4, 6-4) (13) -- The Vikings took down New Trier to pick up a great win right before the loaded Maine East Sectional in Class 4A. Niles North, a No. 3 seed, might have to face ESCC champion St. Viator for a regional title, which would be one of the most-anticipated matchups in Class 4A. 

13. New Trier (22-5, 8-2) (7) -- Dropping two games during the week, New Trier is limping into the postseason as the No. 2 seed in the Maine East Sectional. It won't get any easier for the Trevians as they might face Mid-Suburban champion Prospect for a regional title.

14. Naperville North (24-2, 15-1) (15) -- The top seed in the Glenbard East Sectional, Naperville North hosts its own regional in Class 4A. The Huskies might play Geneva or Downers North for a regional title. 

15. DePaul Prep (21-6, 5-3) (16) -- The No. 1 seed in the North Chicago Sectional, DePaul Prep hosts its own regional in Class 3A. The Rams could face Foreman or Sullivan for a regional title as DePaul Prep has a winnable sectional. 

16. Loyola (22-6, 5-3) (17) -- Loyola is the No. 4 seed in the Maine East Sectional. The Ramblers could have a tough regional final against host and No. 5 seed Maine South as that would make for a great matchup.

17. Marian Catholic (20-5, 5-4) (14) -- A No. 1 seed in the Pontiac Sectional of Class 3A, the Spartans will be one of the teams to watch in that field. Marian Catholic could potentially take on Thornridge or Rich Central for a regional title during the week. 

18. Hillcrest (21-5, 13-0) (18) -- The Hawks are a No. 2 seed in the Pontiac Sectional in Class 3A as they try to make another deep run in March. Hillcrest could face Rich East or Oak Forest for a regional title.

19. Homewood-Flossmoor (19-6, 9-1) (20) -- The Vikings had some close wins during the week preparing for the Class 4A field. Homewood-Flossmoor could play Oak Lawn for a regional title at T.F. South this week. 

20. St. Viator (23-5, 9-0) (22) -- The unbeaten champs in the ESCC, the Lions are on a six-game winning streak. A No. 6 seed in the Maine East Sectional, St. Viator could have a major test against Niles North for a Class 4A regional title. 

21. Bolingbrook (19-6, 7-3) (23) -- Top seed in the Romeoville Sectional, the Raiders have been a major threat in the postseason the past few years. Bolingbrook might play Lemont or Plainfield East for a regional title.

22. Maine South (21-7, 6-4) (24) -- The Hawks have the recent win over Niles North as they're the No. 5 seed in the Maine East Sectional. As the host in the regional, Maine South could get a home game against No. 4 seed Loyola.

23. Hinsdale South (20-6, 10-2) (21) -- Hinsdale South dropped a close one to OPRF right before the postseason. The Hornets might face Willowbrook for a regional title as the No. 4 seed in the Glenbard East Sectional as the two teams split the season series. 

24. Willowbrook (23-5, 9-3) (25) -- The Warriors had an outstanding season as they are in the tough Glenbard East Sectional. A No. 5 seed, Willowbrook could face Hinsdale South for a regional title, which could be the best title game of the entire week. 

25. Jacobs (24-3, 16-0) (NR) -- Winners of the Fox Valley for the fourth straight year, the Golden Eagles are on a roll as they're a No. 2 seed in the Jacobs Sectional in Class 4A. If Jacobs gets senior Ryan Phillips back from hand injury they could be dangerous. 

Bears ’18 offseason dramatically different from ’17 but with difficult money-management issues looming


Bears ’18 offseason dramatically different from ’17 but with difficult money-management issues looming

About this time a year ago the Bears were setting up for the annual NFL beauty pageant in Indianapolis, sitting with the No. 3 pick in the 2017 draft and with myriad roster decisions to address with both that draft and free agency. Because of the Bears’ lofty draft position, even more scrutiny and attention swirled around the college prospects (Deshaun Watson, Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas, not enough on Mitch Trubisky as it turned out, a testimonial to GM Ryan Pace’s ability to keep a secret).

But what was developing in free agency was arguably of even greater significance in what was then the short term, at least for John Fox, as it turned out. And the changed landscape this year bodes considerably better for Pace and the Bears. At least in one important respect.

First, a perspective from last year’s pre-Combine period...

Because of the unsettled quarterback situation – the Bears were working toward Mike Glennon and cutting Jay Cutler two weeks later – and concerns about a possible lame-duck situation for Fox, free agents and their agents were willing to look at the Bears but only if the Bears would pony up excessive guaranteed dollars. The worry any time a coach is heading into a tipping-point year is that if things go badly, the coach and staff are gone, and the resulting changes will alter the job situation of that particular veteran player.

So the likes of cornerbacks A.J. Bouye or Stephon Gilmore opted for less total money from Jacksonville and New England, respectively, because the Bears weren’t offering higher guarantees to compensate for the uncertainty.

(One of the reasons then-President/CEO Michael McCaskey stated to this reporter for firing Mike Ditka after the 1992 season was a concern over the negative pall Ditka cast over playing for the Bears as the NFL prepared for the 1993 start of free agency. A quarter-century later, Pace didn’t fire Fox because of free agents’ aversion to Fox, but the overall wasn’t making Pace’s job any easier.)

Would Alshon Jeffery have stayed if...

On a slightly different tack: Would Alshon Jeffery have given the Bears a more receptive look had the quarterback position been addressed sooner in the Fox/Pace tenure? Jeffery took less from the Eagles in a one-year prove-it deal, not because Philadelphia was so much warmer than Chicago, but in large part because of where the offensive arrow was pointing in Chicago with Fox, Dowell Loggains and an unsettled quarterback situation.

Not insignificantly in the Jeffery case: Jeffery had four choices – Bears, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Philadelphia. The Colts weren’t sure about Andrew Luck, coming off shoulder surgery and ultimately missing all of ’17. The Vikings were resting then on brittle Sam Bradford, whose knee broke down early, and Case Keenum wasn’t CASE KEENUM at that point. The Bears with Loggains and Glennon? Jeffery didn’t go with Philadelphia, Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz only for the money, which did come anyway.

The Bears have “fixed” all of those issues in the year that’s played out since Jeffery signed with the Eagles almost concurrent with the Bears moving on from Cutler. None of that matters now in the least with Jeffery, Bouye, Gilmore or any other options that demanded too much guaranteed money or spurned the Bears back then, but it does matter going into the run-up to free agency over the next couple weeks.

Why this in fact matters more than the draft is that, while sound organizations are grounded in quality drafting, the reality is that in virtually every offseason, more starters for that season are acquired via free agency than the draft. Last year’s draft centerpiece was Trubisky, though he wasn’t supposed to start last season. But free agents Glennon, Prince Amukamara, Marcus Cooper, Quintin Demps and Markus Wheaton and Kendall Wright were.

The money pit

Longtime Bears and NFL personnel chief Bill Tobin once remarked back in the beginning of free agency, “Just because you pay a guy $2 million doesn’t make him a $2-million player.” That still applies, adjusted for inflation. And that could make this free agency dicey for the Bears.

Because price isn’t always determined solely on quality; it’s a matter of supply and demand. And while the Bears are among those with the greatest estimated space under the projected cap of $178 million, the others way up on the list include Cleveland, Indianapolis, the Jets, Houston and Tampa Bay – all teams with five or fewer wins in ’17 and expected to be the most aggressive in using free agency to fix gaping holes. The Bears have a lot of money to spend, but so do a whole lot of others.

Meaning: A lot of dollars will be chasing a select few players, which will make some of them overpaid, not unlike Glennon was last offseason (how many apparently better options were there?) or a couple of others, who will be paid like $2 million players even if they aren’t, adjusted for inflation.

The result is another offseason of brinksmanship for Pace, this time in need of better results than his first three free agencies if the outcome for his second head coach is to be better than it was for his first.