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A first-hand account of Nagy and Helfrich's credentials

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Under Center Podcast: Analyzing Pace's extension

On the latest Bears Talk Podcast, JJ Stankevitz and Alex Brown debate if Ryan Pace deserved his contract extension and if it was a smart move by the Bears. 

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STL Pod: Should Bears use Jags/Vikes as blueprints and build an elite defense?
Teams with good defenses are moving through the NFL playoffs. Is that a formula for the Bears to copy? That and the Bulls' winning streak in the SportsTalk Live Podcast.
Will Bears see instant improvement under Nagy?
Will the Bears improve right away under Matt Nagy? John "Moon" Mullin tries to put the new head coach's first-year expectations in context.
For hopeful Bears, more object lessons from NFL divisional round
So another playoff weekend and with it some takeaways of greater or lesser relevance for the Bears.
Fangio re-signing confirms different kind of 'aggressive' in Bears organization
Bringing back Vic Fangio says some interesting things about the Bears and the franchise's direction.
Vic Fangio can make the Bears' D great
With the reported return of Vic Fangio, head coach Matt Nagy has given the Bears' defense the best chance to be great in 2018.
Emptying out the Bears notebook
Expect tight ends to receive plenty of attention in Matt Nagy's new Bears offense. That and more as John "Moon" Mullin empties out his notebook from a wild week.
Podcast: Do the Bears need to bring back Vic Fangio?
Matt Nagy has begun to fill out his coaching staff, but will Vic Fangio be a part of it?
Chris Simms on Fangio: I think the world of him
Chris Simms talks about how important keeping Vic Fangio will be for the Bears.
A first-hand account of Nagy and Helfrich's credentials
Former Bears safety Doug Plank talks about his experience working with Matt Nagy and Mark Helfrich.
Why Helfrich fits Bears' offensive vision
Mark Helfrich has never coached in the NFL before, but should be able to fit with what Matt Nagy wants out of his offense. 
Report: Bears hire Mark Helfrich as offensive coordinator
The Bears have reportedly hired Mark Helfrich as their next offensive coordinator. Helfrich won 37 games in four seasons as Oregon's head coach.
Calvin Ridley heading to NFL Draft
Calvin Ridley, the Alabama wideout ranked as one of the top pro prospects at the position, announced he'll head to the NFL Draft.
Nagy on meeting Trubisky before 2017 draft
New Bears head coach talks about his impressions of Mitch Trubisky from their meeting before last year's draft.
Nagy: 'I'm gonna be aggressive but it's gotta be calculated'
New Bears head coach Matt Nagy talks about his aggressive approach.
Report: Fangio returning to Bears
Vic Fangio will return to the Bears next season as the defensive coordinator under new head coach Matt Nagy, acoording to one report.
Harry Hiestand a home run hire for Matt Nagy
Matt Nagy's first official addition to his coaching staff is Harry Hiestand, who excelled as Notre Dame's offensive line coach for the last six years. 
What Vic Fangio's return means for the Bears and Matt Nagy
Sun-Times writer Adam Jahns talks about how important Vic Fangio's return is for the Bears and new head coach Matt Nagy.
Matt Nagy reflects on his small-town Pennsylvania roots
New Bears head coach Matt Nagy talks about his high school days in Manheim, Pennsylvania, with our executive producer Sarah Lauch, Nagy's high school classmate.
Could Bears' front office be trend-setters?
The Bears' front office very well might be setting new trends with some of the outside-the-box moves they made during the search for their new head coach.
Matt Nagy on his Pennsylvania roots
New Bears head coach Matt Nagy talks about his high school days in Manheim, Pennsylvania, with our executive producer Sarah Lauch, Nagy's high school classmate.
Bears' new operative word? 'Aggressive'
Ryan Pace aggressively moved to get his quarterback and his coach. And now, we wait to see if his plan will sink or swim. 
Under Center Podcast Special with Mike Williams, Matt Nagy’s high school coach
Sarah Lauch had a chance to interview Matt Nagy’s high school coach, Mike Williams, who said his former player is a “quarterback guru” who will be a great fit for Mitchell Trubisky.
SportsTalk Live Podcast: Where does this all leave Vic Fangio?
Bears, Bears and more Bears opinion and analysis on this edition of the SportsTalk Live Podcast. Now that Matt Nagy has been hired, what happens to Vic Fangio?
Nagy brings critical QB-action skillset
The Bears are getting a head coach in Matt Nagy with a much-needed quarterback-action skillset.
The best coaching candidate Andy Reid's ever had?
Andy Reid called Matt Nagy the best coaching candidate he's ever had. So the new Bears head coach took time to respond to that high praise.
Matt Nagy and the Andy Reid coaching tree
New Bears head coach Matt Nagy became the sixth former Andy Reid assistant to get a current head-coaching gig in the NFL.
Laurence Holmes' three takeaways from Matt Nagy presser
Laurence Holmes offers up his three main takeaways from Matt Nagy's introductory press conference.
Nagy: 'I called every single play' in Chiefs' collapse
New Bears head coach Matt Nagy owns the Chiefs' "failure" in their playoff loss last weekend.
The anti-John Fox
Matt Nagy took accountability for the Chiefs' playoff collapse, saying it was a "failure" and explaining that he'd learn from it as he takes over with the Bears. 
Matt Nagy on Bears: 'There's a want to be great'
Bears general manager Ryan Pace introduces new head coach Matt Nagy to the Chicago media.
Bears Coaching Confidential: Matt Nagy
Get to know new Bears head coach Matt Nagy in our final edition of Bears Coaching Confidential.
Bears introducing Matt Nagy
Matt Nagy, announced Monday as the 16th head coach in Bears history, is meeting the media, and NBC Sports Chicago has complete coverage on multiple platforms.
Packers reportedly want to pry Fangio away from Bears
According to a report, the Bears are interested in keeping Vic Fangio on as defensive coordinator but will have to battle the rival Packers for his services.
'Matt is a quarterback guru’
NBC Sports Chicago spoke with Matt Nagy's high school coach, who had some glowing things to say about his former player. 
How do you pronounce Nagy?
Taking a stab at pronouncing Bears head coach Matt Nagy's last name.
Nagy's high school coach: 'Matt's a quarterback guru'
Matt Nagy's high school football coach Mike Williams talks about the new Bears' head coach.
Adam Jahns on new Bears head coach Matt Nagy
Sun-Times beat writer Adam Jahns talks about the Bears hiring Matt Nagy as their next head coach.
What changes will Nagy make to Bears?
A handful of elements in Matt Nagy’s time with Andy Reid hint at where the Bears will be heading in the Nagy Era.
Podcast: Surprised how quickly Pace hired Nagy as Bears head coach?
The SportsTalk Live panel weighs in on the Bears hiring Matt Nagy as their next head coach, and whether it was a good move for the organization.
5 players Bears fans should watch in National Championship Game
As Georgia and Alabama vie for a National Championship, there are at least 5 players who should be on Bears fans' radar heading into the NFL Draft.
‘I think your team made a good hire’
As Matt Nagy leaves the Chiefs for the Bears, there are plenty of positive thoughts on the new head coach coming out of Kansas City. 
Bears pluck Nagy from Andy Reid's coaching tree
Will Matt Nagy follow in a long line of former Andy Reid assistants to have success as a head coach? The Bears sure hope so.
Podcast: Instant reaction to Nagy
JJ Stankevitz and John "Moon" Mullin react to the Bears' new head coach (Matt Nagy) and what it means for the franchise moving forward.
Matt Nagy fits well with Bears
In more ways than one, Matt Nagy is a good fit for what Ryan Pace and the Bears are trying to do as they move on from the John Fox Era.
Analyzing Nagy's fit with Trubisky, Bears
In the wake of the news that Matt Nagy is the Bears' new head coach, the NBC Sports Chicago crew breaks down the signing.
Bears hire Matt Nagy as new head coach
The Bears ended their coaching search Monday, hiring Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy as their new head coach.
KC's collapse not a big deal for Bears, Nagy
The Bears, rightly, didn't remove Matt Nagy from consideration for their head coaching job because of two bad quarters of football this weekend. 
Bears hire Matt Nagy as new head coach
The Bears announced Monday that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy is their new head coach.
Bears Coaching Confidential: Pete Carmichael
The Bears have interviewed six coaching candidates since Wednesday. Could Ryan Pace double-back and look at a guy he knows well in Saints OC Pete Carmichael?
Bears Coaching Confidential: Pete Carmichael
Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael has ties to Bears general manager Ryan Pace. So should he be on the Bears' radar?
Takeaways one week into Bears' coach quest
John "Moon" Mullin analyzes some early indications from the Bears' search and interview process for a new head coach.
Where the Bears' coaching search stands
The Bears conducted interviews with six coaching candidates from Wednesday-Sunday, and it's unlikely their search will be more expansive than that. 
Bears interviewing Matt Nagy
One day after the Kansas City Chiefs blew an 18-point halftime lead to get eliminated from the playoffs, Ryan Pace is interviewing Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy for the head-coaching job.
Coaching search begins with 'fit'
When it comes to an NFL coaching, the term "fit" is rarely understood. John "Moon" Mullin breaks down what it means for the Bears. 
Bears search light on veteran coaches
Even with a little buzz that Bill Belichick may be a coaching free agent, the Bears seem to be focused on hiring a young, fresh head coach. 
So, how about Bill Belichick?
Following ESPN's bombshell report on rising tensions in New England, could Bill Belichick become a coaching free agent? And if he does, could he come to the Bears?
Bears Coaching Confidential: Jim Harbaugh
Is there any chance Jim Harbaugh could leave Ann Arbor to be the Bears' next head coach? It's a longshot, but not an impossible thing to imagine. 
Bears Coaching Confidental: Jim Harbaugh
Would Jim Harbaugh really give up coaching at Michigan to come back to Chicago and take up the helm of the Bears?
STL Pod: Should Trubisky be involved in Bears coach search?
Hub Arkush, Rich Campbell and Phil Rogers join host David Kaplan to talk Bears coaching search, Jake Arrieta and White Sox trade rumors.
The Mitch Trubisky question
Whoever comes in to serve as the next Bears head coach will not have any latitude when it comes to the quarterback situation in Chicago.
Bears Coaching Confidential: Pat Shurmur
Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is the latest coach profiled for a potential fit with the Bears after a successful season in Minnesota.
Bears Coaching Confidential: Pat Shurmur
Pat Shurmur did some outstanding work with Case Keenum this year in Minnesota. But does he "excite" you as a coaching candidate for the Bears?
Bears may want to re-think sales pitch
The Bears are trying to sell their next head coach on the legacy of the franchise. That might not be wise thinking, writes John "Moon" Mullin.
Loggains reportedly taking over as Dolphins OC
The Bears' coaching changes appear to be continuing with multiple reports claiming that Dowell Loggains will take over as offensive coordinator for the Dolphins.
Could Vic Fangio make sense for the Bears?
The Bears interviewed defensive coordinator Vic Fangio on Wednesday, a move that he not only was owed, but he earned. 
Bears interview Vic Fangio
The Bears interviewed Vic Fangio for their head coach position 
Bears Coaching Confidential: Steve Wilks
Steve Wilks represents one of the hottest "defensive-minded" head coaching candidates on the market, but would he be a fit for the Bears?
Bears Coaching Confidential: Steve Wilks
If the Bears don't go with an offensive, quarterback-driven coach, could Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks be an option?
Urlacher named 2018 Hall of Fame finalist
Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has been named a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018, the NFL revealed Tuesday night.
Is John DeFilippo ready to make jump from QB coach to head?
NBC Sports Philadelphia's Derrick Gunn talks about whether or not John DeFilippo can make the jump from being a quarterbacks coach to a head coach as the Bears weigh their options.
SportsTalk Live Podcast: Should Bears fans worry that Ted Phillips may have a say in next coaching hire?
The SportsTalk Live panel weighs in on whether Bears fans should be worried that Ted Phillips could have a big say in who the next head coach will be.
Bears coaching search rumors: Wednesday
The Bears will reportedly interview not only Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, but defensive coordinator George Edwards as well. 
Bears coaching confidential: John DeFilippo
/With the Bears' beginning their head coaching search this week, NBC Sports Chicago Bears Insider JJ Stankevitz and producer Paul Aspan will examine 10 coaching candidates who could be considered by Ryan...
Bears Coaching Confidential: John DeFilippo
John DeFilippo has helped turn Carson Wentz into one of the league's top quarterbacks. Is he a good fit to be the Bears' next head coach?
'Collaborative' search a good thing for Bears?
The Bears say their head-coaching search will be a "collaborative" process between Ryan Pace, Ted Phillips and George McCaskey. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Good News/Bad News with Alex Brown
NBC Sports Chicago Bears analyst Alex Brown breaks down the biggest news of the day and whether the things that happened at Halas Hall is good news or bad news.
Under Center Podcast: Analyzing Pace's extension
On the latest Bears Talk Podcast, JJ Stankevitz and Alex Brown debate if Ryan Pace deserved his contract extension and if it was a smart move by the Bears. 
Five questions answered on Black Monday
Ryan Pace and the Bears delivered some clarity on Monday about what they'll be looking for in their next head coach. Here are 5 specific questions they answered on Black Monday.
Tom Curran analyzes Josh McDaniels as a HC candidate
NBC New England's Tom Curran analyzes Josh McDaniels as a head coaching candidate and how he would fit in with the Bears.
Ryan Pace looking forward to a positive Bears future
Ryan Pace addressed the media on New Year's Day to discuss the future of the Bears after they fired head coach John Fox.
Under Center Podcast: Putting a bow on the John Fox era
JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin discuss why John Fox was fired and highlight a few coaching candidates, including John DeFilippo, who could be fits for the Bears.
SportsTalk Live Podcast: Was the Ryan Pace extension a good move?
Was extending Ryan Pace a good move for the Bears? We discuss that and much more Bears fallout on this edition of the SportsTalk Live Podcast.
'I have to do a better job'
Ryan Pace said he was grateful for the contract extension the Bears gave to him, but he knows he needs to do a better job moving forward.
Ted Phillips discusses decision to extend Ryan Pace
Ted Phillips discusses decision to extend Ryan Pace
Bears extend Ryan Pace
Ryan Pace agreed to a contract extension. The move was announced by Ted Phillips at the end of season press conference. 
Bears looking toward the future after Fox firing
Bears looking toward the future after Fox firing
Jahns on who's in charge: 'This is all Ryan Pace's show'
Chicago Sun-Times Bears beat reporter Adam Jahns talked with Luke Stuckmeyer about the move to fire John Fox and who the franchise may be targeting.
What DeFilippo's red zone concepts could mean for Trubisky
Want to get to know the mind of the person the Bears are reportedly interviewing? 
Wannstedt: Bears don't need to hire offensive-minded coach
Former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt discusses what the franchise should look for in their coaching search.
Bears Coaching Confidential: Josh McDaniels
Josh McDaniels has had plenty of success as an assistant with the Patriots. Is he an ideal fit for the Bears?
Some very good hires and some very bad hires
A look at the Bears head coaching hires after the firing of John Fox. Some produced while others had brutal tenures. 
Bears locker room 'sad' over firing of John Fox
Several members of the Bears had positive things to say about John Fox's leadership after he was fired on Monday.
Bears Coaching Confidential: Josh McDaniels
Josh McDaniels is the most accomplished offensive mind the Bears could potentially look at hiring, but would he be worth the effort?
'Damn Foxy': Players react to coaching change
Some core members of the Bears took to social media after John Fox was fired on Monday. 
Five potential coaching candidates for Bears
The Bears didn't exactly strike gold with the John Fox hiring, which makes the next head coaching decision vital to the franchise's future. 
What should Bears be looking for in next head coach?
The Bears Postgame Live crew breaks down the ideal candidate for the team's next head coach.
The slide that never reversed
John Fox posted the second-worst winning percentage in franchise history. In the end, that was enough to seal his fate. 
Time for Bears to make their pitch
The Bears will have to make their pitch to their head-coaching candidates. And while Sunday's game wasn't pretty, there's plenty there to lure the ideal candidate.
John Fox out as Bears head coach
As expected, John Fox will not return as head coach after losing 10 or more games in each of his three seasons in Chicago, according to multiple reports. 
John Fox out as Bears head coach
John Fox posted the second worst winning percentage in Bears franchise history. As a result, he's out as head coach.
Players praise Fox: 'I know he's a great coach'
John Fox has done a lot of losing in his three seasons as Bears head coach. But after Sunday's season finale, his players praised the man who is likely to be on his way out.
Podcast: Should Bears rebuild Cubs style?
With a coaching change likely coming this week, the Under Center crew discusses whether the Bears should try to rebuild in the style of the Cubs.
John Fox refuses to discuss future in press conference
Bears coach John Fox doesn't answer questions about his future following the season-ending loss to the Vikings.
Trubisky: 'Coach Fox has done a lot for me'
Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky talks about coach John Fox after the 2017 season ended.
Bears' focus shifts to fate of John Fox
The Bears turned in a poor showing in their 2017 finale, shifting all focus to the expected search to replsce John Fox.
End of an era?
According to multiple national reports, the Bears will fire John Fox sometime after Sunday's season finale against the Minnesota Vikings. 
Fox reportedly expected to be fired following season finale
NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that John Fox is 'expected to be fired' following Sunday's game at the Vikings.
Prediction: Can the Bears end 2017 with an upset of the Vikings?
Mitchell Trubisky will get his second crack at one of the NFL's best defenses to end the 2017 season in Minneapolis on New Year's Eve. 
Fox makes his pitch: Bears have made progress under him
John Fox said the heavy lifting was done and there are bright days ahead for the Bears.
John Fox states his case: The Bears have made progress
While the Bears' record under John Fox doesn't indicate much progress, the third-year coach argued on Friday the team has made steps in the right direction. 
A Kwit fix for 2018?
Nick Kwiatkoski is playing his best football as his second year in the NFL comes to a close this weekend. 
Cases for and against some possible Bears coaches
The Bears could be in the market for a new head coach. Here are a few potential candidates and why they would or would not be a fit.
Under Center Podcast: The best and worst of 2017
JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin close out the 2017 season with some superlatives for the Bears, including a look back at some big-time plays from Mitch Trubisky and one unbelievable mistake from Septemb
Zimmer's success has relevance as Bears' coaching search likely nears
Mike Zimmer was a 57-year-old career defensive assistant when the Minnesota Vikings hired him in 2014. Since then, he's won two NFC North titles. 
Playing the what-if game
How would the Bears' season looked different if the Bears hadn't traded up for Mitch Trubisky and had an extra early-round pick? Or what if Trubisky started from Day 1?
How Tarik Cohen avoided rookie wall
Tarik Cohen never hit a rookie wall, and has thrived in his debut season with the Bears. 
Bears are the anomaly of John Fox's coaching career
There's something about John Fox and his Bears teams/tenure that doesn't quite focus completely.
STL Podcast: Will Bruce Arians leave Arizona to coach Bears?
On the latest SportsTalk Live Podcast, the panel discuss reports that Bruce Arians will leave the Cardinals after the season. Could the Bears sign him?
Fox tuning out speculation he'll be fired
There's been plenty of speculation about whether John Fox will return next season. The head coach didn't sound worried on Tuesday, though.  
Grading Bears-Browns
The Bears played well, largely, in Christmas Eve's win over the Cleveland Browns. 
Bears Grades: Passing grades in easy win over Browns
Check out how the Bears graded out for their victory over the winless Browns.
Kyle Long jokes about Bears running the AFC North
The Bears went 4-0 against the AFC North and Kyle Long had some fun with that.
Podcast: Bears drop the Browns to 0-15
Laurence Holmes, Alex Brown and Jim Miller break down the play of Kyle Fuller and Mitchell Trubisky and ask: “Do you feel bad for the Browns?!”
Trubisky on shaking off pick-six that was called back
Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky talks about the pick-six he threw against the Browns that was overturned for an offside call.
Trubisky explains snow angel TD celebration
Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky talks about the snow angel celebration after a touchdown in a win against the Browns.
Bears' dispatching of Browns exactly what should have happened
The Bears' 20-3 routing of the Browns on Sunday is exactly what should have happened, and it had to.
John Fox talks up Kyle Fuller's performance vs. Browns
Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller and coach John Fox talks about Fuller's game against the Browns.
A big step for Trubisky
For the first time this year, Mitchell Trubisky succeeded without an effective running game to pair with him. 
What the Bears' win over Cleveland means for John Fox
John Fox ensured he won't have the worst winning percentage in Bears history by beating the 0-15 Browns on Sunday. 
Will the Bears avoid a Christmas Eve embarrassment?
The Bears will look to avoid being the only team to lose to the Cleveland Browns in 2017 Sunday at Soldier Field. 
How many no-shows will there be Sunday?
That we're discussing how many people won't show up to Christmas Eve's Bears-Browns game is a pretty significant indictment of where the Bears are as a franchise. 
Big picture vs. narrow mindset for developing Trubisky
In the big picture, the Bears need to get Trubisky as many reps as possible during games for him to grow. But that hasn't always been the case in 2017. 
Zach Miller is this year's Bears 'Good Guy'
Bears tight end Zach Miller was honored Thursday with the "Good Guy" award from the Chicago media.
Bears need more than just a win
The Bears need to find a way to impose their will this week against the Browns. But will they?
'I feel for you, bro'
Zach Miller offered a message of support to another tight end to bizarrely had a touchdown taken away from him last weekend. 
Akiem Hicks vents on Pro Bowl snub
Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks and coach John Fox talk about Hicks' Pro Bowl snub.
The latest Under Center Podcast
JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin wonder if the Bears need to hire an offensive coach, or if a defensive coach would suit Mitchell Trubisky well, too.
Hicks on missing the Pro Bowl: 'It hurts'
Akiem Hicks was snubbed from the Pro Bowl and is merely a fourth alternate, which doesn't match how well he's played in 2017. 
Kyle Long channels 'Terminator' as he runs down crazy injury history
/I'll be back./ Just hours before the Bears placed yet another player (Pernell McPhee) on injured reserve, Pro Bowl offensive lineman Kyle Long took to Twitter to share with fans his crazy injury history...
STL Podcast: Should Bears make Jeff Fisher their next head coach?
In the latest SportsTalk Live Podcast, the panel debates if the Bears should make Jeff Fisher their next head coach.
6 Bears targeting the 2019 Pro Bowl
While the Bears didn't have anyone named to this season's initial Pro Bowl roster, there are a handful of players who could make strong arguments to head to Orlando in 2019. 
Were the Bears snubbed for the 2018 Pro Bowl?
For the third straight season, the Bears didn't have anyone selected to go to the Pro Bowl. But did anyone get snubbed?
Akiem Hicks deserved the Pro Bowl
Akiem Hicks played well enough to earn a Pro Bowl bid, but wasn't among the players named to the NFC roster on Tuesday night. 
Haugh on Fisher being interested in Bears: 'I hate it'
Chicago Tribune columnist David Haugh hates the idea of Jeff Fisher reportedly being interested in the Bears if the head coaching position opens up.
Jeff Fisher: 2018 Bears coach?
Jeff Fisher reportedly wants to coach in the NFL in 2018 and the Bears are high on his priority list.
Fox trying to justify return as head coach of Bears?
John Fox has been very positive in his Monday press conferences. Is it because he's presenting a case to come back as head coach? John 'Moon' Mullin and JJ Stankevitz discuss.
Fox: That was probably Trubisky's best game
Despite three interceptions, John Fox thought Mitch Trubisky may have played his best game as a pro on Sunday.
Fox says Sunday was Trubisky's 'best game'
The box score may not agree, but John Fox touted Mitchell Trubisky's three-interception game as probably his best yet in the NFL. 
How Trubisky's worst interception happened
MItchell Trubisky didn't see safety Quandre Diggs sitting in the end zone on Saturday, leading to the worst interception he's thrown as a pro. 
Bears Grades: Bad day for Mitch Trubisky vs. Lions
The Bears had a bad day all around in Saturday's loss to the Lions in Detroit.
Bears grades: The return of D's and F's
A week after earning straight A's in Cincinnati, the Bears were back to earning failing grades almost across the board. 
Podcast: What’s the Bears game plan?!
Laurence Holmes, Alex Brown and Jim Miller break down the Bears gameplan against the Lions and question why it didn't feature Jordan Howard more.
Bears hit new low in loss to Lions
A week after a strong showing in Cincinnati, the wheels were off in an ugly defeat in Detroit, a new low for a Bears team now with double-digit losses.
Why does Fox stay shackled to conventional wisdom?
A key John Fox decision in the second quarter at the Lions showed the coach's tendency to follow conventional wisdom.
Trubisky talks about Bears numerous penalties
Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky talks about the 13 penalties the team committed in a loss to the Lions.
Fox on Trubisky: 'Sometimes quarterbacks have those days'
Bears coach John Fox talks about Mitchell Trubisky after he threw three interceptions in a loss to the Lions.
Bears regress to the mean
Mitch Trubisky threw three interceptions and the Bears lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, regressing to their 2017 mean six days after a blowout win in Cincinnati.
Predicting Bears-Lions
The Bears played their best game of the year last weekend in Cincinnati. Could that carry over to this weekend in Detroit?
Historical context for Trubisky's 2017 encouraging for 2018
In the last decade, almost every rookie quarterback who's started at least 12 games has seen his passer rating improve from Year 1 to Year 2 in the NFL. 
Steve Rannazzisi takes to the Chicago streets to talk sports
Actor and comedian Steve Rannazzisi takes to the Chicago streets to talk the hottest topics in the sports world.
John Fox evaluates Adam Shaheen's rookie season to date
John Fox discusses how rookie Adam Shaheen has fared thus far in his first season relative to expectations for him.
The key for Mitch Trubisky
Mitch Trubisky has been solid on third down early in his young career, but it's about more than just that, John Mullin writes.
Has Shaheen actually lived up to expectations?
In one sense, Adam Shaheen has done exactly what the Bears expected him to do as a rookie: Be a weapon in the red zone. 
Podcast: What did win over Bengals mean for Fox and Pace?
In the latest Under Center Podcast, JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin debate what the Bears’ blowout win in Cincinnati meant for John Fox and Ryan Pace.
How did you coach against Hester? 'Hold your breath'
Coaching against Devin Hester was a headache for any special teams coordinator from 2006-2016, Jeff Rodgers included. 
Film breakdown: Adam Shaheen was better than you thought on Sunday
Adam Shaheen was a key contributor in the Bears' run blocking in addition to catching four passes and a touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals. 
Best Moments of 2017: Flop
Who was the biggest FLOP of 2017 in Chicago sports? A certain Bears quarterback was a popular choice but see who else made our "not-so-nice" list for the year
Will facing Detroit for second time benefit Trubisky?
For the first time in his career, Mitchell Trubisky will face an opponent for the second time in a season. How can that help the Bears' rookie quarterback?
Hester leaves more than Bears, NFL records behind
Devin Hester's legacy will live long in Bears memory, but his off the field personality also left a lasting mark.
Hester belongs in the Hall of Fame
The official end of Devin Hester's NFL career marks the beginning of an argument for him to enter the Hall of Fame.
Hester ends 'ridiculous' career by announcing retirement
Devin Hester made his NFL retirement official with a statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday.
Zach Miller's staying positive after gruesome leg injury
Zach Miller discusses how close he came to actually having to get his leg amputated and the support the Bears organization has given him during and after his leg injury.
STL Pod: Bears open up playbook in huge victory
On the latest edition of the SportsTalk Live Podcast, the panel discusses the Bears' offensive outbreak in a win over the Bengals. 
Bears Grades: Rockin' straight A's
The Bears put together a complete performance in Sunday's 33-7 win. For that, they receive high marks in our weekly grades.
Handling of Trubisky not all it appears
Although John Fox and Dowell Loggains have been scrutinized for their handling of Mitch Trubisky, John 'Moon' Mullin thinks there may be more to the story.
Miller's positive outlook is something we all can be inspired by
Zach Miller returned to Halas Hall on Monday with an inspirational outlook six weeks after suffering a life-altering, serious injury in New Orleans. 
Bears grades: Straight A's in dominant win
Every Bears offensive and defensive unit got an A for their performance Sunday in Cincinnati. Can the same be said for the coaching staff?
What does Bears' win over Bengals mean for big picture?
What to make of the Bears' mauling 33-7 win over the Bengals on Sunday, and what it means for the big picture.
Under Center Podcast: How important was Bears' blowout win over Bengals?
On the latest Under Center Podcast, Laurence Holmes, Alex Brown and Jim Miller break down the Bears' 33-7 win over the Bengals on Sunday.
Bears offensive players impressed with Trubisky's huge game
Tarik Cohen, Kendall Wright and even John Fox came away impressed after Mitch Trubisky dominated against the Bengals on Sunday.
Bears' young core building a foundation
The true Bears playmakers may be not have much experience, but they are working to build a foundation for years to come. 
Trubisky on importance of converting third downs
Bears QB Mitch Trubisky talks about having success on third down after his team's rout of the Bengals on Sunday.
Fox on Trubisky: 'I've seen him grow every week'
John Fox talks about Mitchell Trubisky's growth and his play in Sunday's win over the Bengals.
Are you not entertained?
The Bears put together their best game of the season, beginning with Mitchell Trubisky, as they throttled the Bengals, 33-7.
Bears-Bengals prediction: All about effort
The Bengals are banged up and coming off a gutting loss to the Steelers. Could this be a good opportunity for the Bears to end their losing streak?
Bears good with Cohen's 'no no no yes!' returns
Tarik Cohen has made some mistakes on punt returns this year, but the benefits to his creative returning style outweigh the negatives. 
Browns, Giants firings mirror critical Bears need: accountability
What is the accountability plan of Chairman George McCaskey for the Bears, short-term and longer-term?
Stephen Rannazzisi serves as producer for the day
Stephen Rannazzisi serves as the producer for NBC Sports Chicago for the day, and aids David Kaplan with some questions.
Podcast: Should Bears loosen the reins on Mitch Trubisky?
The SportsTalk Live panel talks about whether the Bears will loosen the reins on Mitch Trubisky and what new Cubs starter Tyler Chatwood brings to the team.
What roster holes will the Bears have to fill in 2018?
The Bears have a handful of core players on which to build in 2018, but have numerous needs at multiple positions. 
Under Center Podcast: Which Bears players should be back in 2018?
JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin take a deep dive into the Bears’ depth chart and look at what players should be back in 2018.
Shaheen: 'This is how the NFL works'
Adam Shaheen and Dowell Loggains discuss Shaheen's role with the Bears.
Bears appreciate what 'tough guy' Kyle Long fought through
The Bears appreciated what 'tough guy' Kyle Long fought through in the 2017 season.
Why has Shaheen’s role in the Bears’ offense shrunk?
For the last two weeks Adam Shaheen's role in the Bears offense has diminished. Why?
Bears appreciate 'tough guy' Kyle Long
Kyle Long had to fight through a lot of pain just to play nine games in 2017, which through that lens is an impressive feat. 
STL Podcast: Can Bears continue to count on Kyle Long?
On the latest SportsTalk Live Podcast, the panel discusses what the Bears should do with coach John Fox, and more.
Bears shutting down Kyle Long
The Bears will play the last four games of the 2017 season without Pro Bowl guard Kyle Long.
Film breakdown: Tarik Cohen remains a bright spot
While not much has gone right for the Bears in the last month, Tarik Cohen reminded us on Sunday why he's the most exciting player the Bears have had in years. 
STL Pod: John Fox era worse than Mark Trestman era?
On the latest SportsTalk Live Podcast, the panel asks why John Fox still has a job and whether Shohei Ohtani may actually come to Chicago. 
Accountability, identity non-existent
The Bears identity of being a physical running team and a good defensive team has fallen apart in recent weeks.
Mullin, Stankevitz on 'lethargic feeling' within Bears
JJ Stankevitz and John 'Moon' Mullin talk about the atmosphere within the Bears after falling to 3-9.

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