NBA GMs don't think much of the Bulls, but at least Zach LaVine is athletic

The annual NBA GM Survey is one of the more revealing pieces of content. For one, even though responses are anonymous it's one of the few teams we get real answers from general managers who more often than not keep their opinions and feelings close to the vest.

It's also a fun look into what general managers value, which players the fans and media may be overlooking, and where the future of the league is headed.

It also generated one of the best interactions on #NBATwitter ever:

Unfortunately for Bulls fans there wasn't a whole lot to get excited about in this year's survey. One of the great things about the survey is that it covers a number of topics, ranging from best teams to top players to most exciting rookies. That means fans of both really good teams and really bad teams have something to see on the survey.

Not so much in Chicago.

Of the 47 questions, the Bulls appeared on lists of just three, and Zach LaVine was the player on each. LaVine, despite tearing his ACL in February, was ranked as the third most athletic player in the NBA, receiving 10 percent of the vote. He trailed only Russell Westbrook (62%) and LeBron James (14%), so he was in pretty good company.

Maybe just a coincidence, but LaVine tweeted this out the same morning:

Also, at least one GM (GMs couldn't vote for their own players/coaches/team) liked what the Bulls did in the Jimmy Butler trade, as LaVine's name popped up under "also received votes" in the questions asking about the player most likely to have a breakout season and the most underrated offseason acquisition. Minnesota's Karl Towns, LaVine's old teammate, received the most awards for breakout player, while Paul Millsap was named the most underrated acquisition.

First-round pick Lauri Markkanen, also part of the Butler deal on draft night, did not receive any votes in the three rookie categories.

Potential first overall pick in 2018 Luka Doncic was named the best international player not in the NBA, and the Bulls could very well have a chance to draft him next year.