Are the Bears really considering Mike Singletary?


Are the Bears really considering Mike Singletary?

I was all in favorof Bears GMPhil Emery spreading his wings and interviewing a wide variety of potential head coaches until I heard one name--Mike Singletary.Mike Singletary? Seriously? Singletary? I must have read that report wrong. Mike Singletary? This is giving me doubts. Everyone can't be a candidate, can they? If so, I'm throwing my name in the ring.I have some great playbooks; the Packers offfense from 1992-2000 and my man Mouse Davis' run-and-shoot plays certainly can get first downs, and Jay Cutler can still take his same amount of hits and sacks. I'll even keep the "Tampa 2"scheme and all the current defensive coaches. They want Mike Singletary? I can draw up plays and coverages, and know how to run meetings; something people in the NFL have told me thatSingletary cannot do. If you can't run a meeting or draw up plays, why should you be a head coach? Last year, I spoke with someone that was in the room with Singletaryfor an interview for avacant head coaching job a few years ago. These are interviews that typically take several hours and as most people know by now, are very thorough.10 minutes intothis interview the peopleundergoing the hiring process literallylooked at each other, baffled by what they heard and saw. They knew the man in front of them was far from capable or qualified for the job, andwere unsure how to proceed. He could noteven answer basic questions without referring to a huge binder of information thathe hadbrought with him. In San Francisco, members of his staff talked about how he embarrassed himself when he went to the board and tried to do any real coaching. I was told it became laughable. The stories are countless, so I wonder why is Phil Emery wasting his time? Have I been fooled? Have you? Who is really making the decisions at Halas Hall? Because noonewith any background on Singletary would truly consider him a candidate to be ahead coach. Not even at my beloved Pop Warner team. Mike Singletary?

Bears-Lions prediction: Will special teams continue John Fox's NFC North woes?

Bears-Lions prediction: Will special teams continue John Fox's NFC North woes?

Only three of John Fox’s 12 wins as Bears coach have been against NFC North opponents, while 12 of his 29 losses have come against divisional opponents. 

That’s a recipe for back-to-back-to-back last place finishes in the NFC North. And if the Bears can’t beat an Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay Packers team, why could it beat a Detroit Lions team that has a healthy franchise quarterback?

The positive end of that answer is the Bears do have wins over two playoff teams (Pittsburgh and Carolina) while six of their four losses have been by eight points or fewer. Sunday’s game will probably be close, again (if it’s not, and the Bears are on the losing end of it, it would raise some significant concerns about the state of Fox within the locker room). 

So if the game is decided by one possession or less, this could be the difference: Detroit has one of the best special teams units in the NFL, ranking second in Football Outsiders’ DVOA, while the Bears are 28th by the same measure. 

Getting Sherrick McManis back this week should help solidify Jeff Rodgers’ special teams units, but Jamal Agnew has two punt return scores and is averaging 18.3 yards per return. 

“Tough guy — he’ll return inside and outside,” Rodgers said. “He’s got multiple longer returns against people this year. it’s not just, ‘I had a long return in Week 2 or Week 1,’ and kinda held onto that. he’s been productive in a lot of games. certainly a guy that we’ve gotta do a good job against.”

If the Bears don’t do a good job bottling up Agnew, though, he could be the reason why the game flips to Detroit — or, at least, why the Lions keep the Bears at arm’s length. 

Prediction: Lions 24, Bears 16

SportsTalk Live Podcast: How hot is John Fox's seat?


SportsTalk Live Podcast: How hot is John Fox's seat?

Seth Gruen (Bleacher Report/”Big Ten Unfiltered” podcast), Chris Emma ( and Matt Zahn (CBS 2) join Kap on the panel. If the Bears lose badly to the Lions, should Sunday be John Fox’s last game? 

Plus Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill joins the panel to talk Bulls as well as the Niko/Portis cold war.

Listen to the full SportsTalk Live Podcast right here: