The Bears and Steelers teamed up for one of the rarest sequences in recent NFL history

In addition to being one of the most ridiculous plays in NFL history, the end of the first half of Bears-Steelers Sunday afternoon was also a sequence rarely seen in the league.

The Steelers lined up for a field goal attempt, but Bears special teams ace Sherrick McManus blocked it. Bears corner Marcus Cooper returned the blocked kick, but fumbled right before reaching the endzone, setting the Bears up on the 1-yard line with an untimed down. They lined up for a touchdown attempt, but a false start penalty brought them back five yards and left John Fox to call for a field goal instead of a potential seven points.

That meant back-to-back official plays in the game were field goal attempts, something that has only happened six times since 1982, according to

The first such incident came in the NFL on Nov. 25, 1993 when the Miami Dolphins took on the Dallas Cowboys. If that date seems familiar, it's because it was the day Leon Lett became infamous for his second boneheaded mistake. Earlier in his career (in Super Bowl XXVII), Lett showboated as he was nearing the goal line and the ball was smacked out of his hand, just like Cooper:

This particular incident in 1993 gave the Dolphins a second opportunity at a field goal, which Pete Stoyanovich converted.

The next back-to-back field goal occurrence came Sept. 10, 2001 when Denver Broncos kicker Jason Elam attempted a 65-yard field goal, but missed, setting up a 63-yard attempt by New York Giants kicker Owen Pochman with one second left.

Two NFL teams combined for back-to-back field goals again Sept. 29, 2002; Nov. 5, 2006 and Nov. 14, 2010. The last two were blocked field goals that were returned to set up a field goal for the opposite team. 

The 2002 incident was the result of the Steelers attempting a game-winning kick on second down in overtime, which was subsequently blocked. The Steelers recovered the ball and attempted another field goal for the win.