Dax McCarty says Gold Cup opener was his worst for club or country this year

Dax McCarty has been an injection of talent and leadership on the field for the Chicago Fire this season as well as a boost to media covering the team looking for a good quote.

In his six months with the Fire, McCarty has provided killer quotes and sound bites on multiple occasions. ESPN's Jeffrey Carlisle went to the well and picked up some notable thoughts from McCarty about his performance and the national team's as a whole at the Gold Cup, which closes out group play on Sunday.

McCarty, who started the 1-1 tie against Panama and came off the bench in a 3-2 win against Martinique, said the team knows it hasn't played well yet. With the Fire, McCarty has been one of the most consistent players on the team, but his performances haven't been as solid in the Gold Cup.

"It's funny, I've been having one of the best years of my career in terms of consistency, in terms of being really good for Chicago, playing at a high level," McCarty said in Carlisle's story. "I probably had my worst game of the entire year -- with the national team or with Chicago -- against Panama. That was frustrating."

McCarty also commented on how a lot of the newcomers to the national team have "looked a little bit anxious." This doesn't sound all that different from when McCarty said the Fire still had "a long way to go" back in April.

Fans of the national team fans will be hoping the U.S. men have the same type of turnaround that the Fire enjoyed not long after McCarty's comments.