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Adam LaRoche tells Good Morning America 'I have zero regrets'

Adam LaRoche tells Good Morning America 'I have zero regrets'

The Adam LaRoche saga got extra legs on Tuesday thanks to an interview with Good Morning America.

In a recorded interview with T.J. Holmes, LaRoche talked about his decision to retire. There wasn't much in the way of new information, but LaRoche did stand by his decision to retire.

"I haven't lost an ounce of sleep," he said in the interview. "I have zero regrets."

LaRoche said the thought of retiring came to his mind "probably 20 minutes" after White Sox Executive Vice President Kenny Williams told LaRoche that he did not want to see his son in the clubhouse anymore.

His son, Drake, even made a brief appearance during the interview. Drake talked about what he did while he was in the clubhouse and said, "I cleaned shoes most of the time."

Adam LaRoche again talked about what his son could from learn being in a Major League clubhouse, but asserted that baseball was never everything to him.

"One of the things I probably thought the longest on was making sure that if I did this that he would never feel that this was on his shoulders," he said of his son. "I think he knows deep down that baseball was never my life or my world or everything to me. There's a lot more to life."

Jose Abreu has already begun mentoring Luis Robert


Jose Abreu has already begun mentoring Luis Robert

As the White Sox have added young Cuban stars in the making in Yoan Moncada and Luis Robert, Jose Abreu's long-term role on the team has shifted.

The 31-year-old first baseman has been looked at as something of a mentor for the two young Cubans. He seems to be delivering on that so far.

Abreu picked up Moncada from the airport when he first was called up to the White Sox last July. Now he's helping Robert in the batting cage.

The Cuban trio is expected to play a big part of the White Sox future in the coming years. 

Robert has already stated his goal of making it to the majors this year to join Abreu and Moncada, but that may be an overly ambitious goal. Either way, plenty of eyes will be on him throughout 2018 as he marches towards the White Sox roster and his Cuban teammates.

White Sox Talk Podcast: Meet the real Tim Anderson


White Sox Talk Podcast: Meet the real Tim Anderson

On the latest White Sox Talk Podcast, Tim Anderson opens up about his struggles in 2017 and why he wants White Sox fans "to know the real me."

Anderson dives into his personal tragedy from last season when his best friend was murdered in Alabama. 

He talks with Chuck Garfien about the dark days that happened, how counseling helped him, his new leadership role in 2018, if he'll draw more walks this season, "bringing swag to the South Side" with Yoan Moncada and much more.

Listen to the full White Sox Talk Podcast right here: