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Moneyball: Pitt, Hill discuss blockbuster flick

Moneyball: Pitt, Hill discuss blockbuster flick

Friday, Sept. 23, 2011
Posted: 9:24 a.m.

By Frankie O

Every journey starts with a first step. My latest was getting approval to do the Moneyball sports press junket. Hollywood is a non-stop machine that churns out product week after week. Being able to create a buzz that will entice you to part with your hard earned cash is a finely choreographed dance, well sometimes, but more on that later. Filling your TV, newspaper, computer, and radio airwaves with this weeks must-see is critical to creating a ground-swell of anticipation for this weeks model. Think about it. Its all around you every week. Why is the big star on Letterman this week? Selling! Did you see the cover of your latest periodical? Selling! Front page feature in USA Today? Sell, sell, sell! For yours truly, Ive been able to witness the game first-hand almost twenty times now, courtesy of Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

Sports movies have always held a special place for me. Its part of being a guy. Most of the classic guy films have included sports in some way. The driving force behind these films is either humor or the fight against adversity. Clich, but time tested. As long as the viewer can relate and be entertained, the potential for a hit is always there. Lately, the Hollywood version of a true story has been the way to go. Think of The Fighter or The Blind Side. I think the success of The Blind Side and the non-sports movie, The Social Network made it inevitable that the book Moneyball would be turned into the latest sports would-be blockbuster. Oh, and the fact that a certain A-list star has been obsessed with seeing the book reach the big-screen with himself in the starring role.

Saturday was a late night. I knew it was coming. I never get to sleep the night before I fly. If you know Im flying somewhere come on in the bar at Harrys the night before because I guarantee you the joint will be rocking. One of the joys of flying to Oakland, I found out, is that there are very few non-stop flights from Chicago and the ones there are, were of no use to me. Layovers mean you have to start earlier. How cool is that?

The travel is always the wild-card in my junket adventures. Most, or should I say all, of the people that I work with or meet on these travel all of the time. I dont know how they do it. The morning of flying is rough. At my age, not getting any sleep is not good for anyone. Luckily I find that consuming gallons of caffeine can get me through just about anything. As with any flight, the concern is with the amount of time that it will take to get through security. Leaving on a Sunday morning, I mistakenly thought, would be a piece of cake. Arriving at the airport, bleary-eyed, with my blood pressure sky rocketing from the mass quantities of diet Dew coursing through my veins, I arrived at a security line that was 500 deep. This isnt good. My mind was racing faster and faster as the line seeming moved slower and slower. I cant miss this flight! My head was about to explode. As Im contemplating things I dont feel comfortable contemplating -- faking injuries is all the rage now isnt it? -- out of nowhere, a TSA guard walks up and points to a group of us, and says to follow him through the employee entrance that was around the corner. He didnt have to tell me twice! Im behind you big man! The voice behind me said as I sprinted to the unexpected opening before any of the other unsuspecting cattle noticed.

I dont always believe in omens, well except that any miss-step means certain doom for any team that I root for, but this has to be a good sign right? Then I catch another bit of good fortune when Im in the closest terminal and my flight is leaving out of the first gate. Nice. With my new found extra five minutes, I wandered over to the Nuts on Clark kiosk and was astonished to find an abundance of my beloved diet Mountain Dew. Those who know me realize what a eureka moment this was. Fully amped for the first leg of my eight hour flying adventure, I start to pore over all of my reference material about my unsuspecting victims. You know youve made it when you get to answer inane questions from a red-bow-tie wearing TV bartender!

I was going to do four interviews: By themselves Jonah Hill and author of the book Moneyball, Michael Lewis. Chris Pratt, who would be together with the player he portrays in the movie, Scott Hatteberg. Then the moment of truth: Billy Beane along with Brad Pitt. Even after the fact, I still laugh typing that. Im always amused by the thought of what these people are thinking when they see me coming, but more on that later.

Due to my schedule, I never seem to have the time to do anything until its time to do it. That or I have a procrastination problem. Just like the diet Im going to go on, Ill get around to it! Anyway, I spend all of my time on the flight reading about the people I need to know about. I love Wikipedia! Who cares if its accurate? That only helps with my special line of questioning. By the time the flight is done, I usually have enough. I like to read as much as I can so that I can come up with something different. Most of the time, the questions take care of themselves. You want to ask them about their film, but if time permits, why not have fun? The other thing is, that until you watch the movie, you might not have the question that you want to lead with anyway. Thats almost always the most important one and usually sets the tone for the four-minute session. So I read and read and read and scribble down my questions. Sometimes, I can even read them.

Before I know it, the plane is landing in Vegas. There are certain prime spots for people watching and they dont get much better than McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its the 15th busiest airport in the world (thank you wiki!) for passenger traffic. They say its not polite to stare, but it seems like half the people here are begging you to. The other half is trying to figure out how much they lost or what they actually did the night before. Part of me is disappointed Im only going to be here for an hour. The first priority is to feed my vice. No, it isnt playing one of the 1,234 (wiki!) slot machines in the airport. Those arent for people who have just landed anyway, are they? If you were staying wouldnt you be in a hurry to get to your hotel? Theyre for the poor suckers chasing their tails and trying to get a hit before they leave. More than likely theyre just rubbing salt their wounds.

What had my interest though, of course, is my fantasy score and the status of the Bears game. As I stood outside the packed airport bar with my luggage along with about 20 others, looking in on the games, I wondered how it could get to this. If we can put a man on the moon, and tens of thousands of steel contraptions in orbit around earth, why cant I use my phone on the plane? Honestly! Fortunately I was able to catch up on my score and was pleased to find out where I stood. Unfortunately for the Bears, catching up was not to be in the cards for them in their game against the Saints.

As I went back to get in line for my next flight, I stopped in a news store and check and see which magazine had my boy Pitt on the cover, I knew he would be there somewhere. Just like clockwork, there he was. Entertainment Weekly was on board the Moneyball express and Im sure there will be more to follow. The EW and a bag of M&Ms would get me through the next flight. It was time to get to Oakland.

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Lucas Giolito relieved to be able to shed No. 1 pitching prospect label

Lucas Giolito relieved to be able to shed No. 1 pitching prospect label

GLENDALE, AZ — You don’t need a scale to see that Lucas Giolito lost some weight in the offseason. As he walks around Camelback Ranch, he just seems lighter. These pounds were shedded thanks to a certain label that has been detached from his name and his being.

“Lucas Giolito, number-one pitching prospect in baseball” is no more.

“Definitely. Big time relief. I carried that title for a while,” Giolito told NBC Sports Chicago. “It was kind of up and down. I was (ranked) 1 at one point. I dropped. I always paid attention to it a little bit moving through the minor leagues.”

Which for any young hurler is risky business. The “best pitching prospect” designation can mess with a pitcher’s psyche and derail a promising career. Giolito was walking a mental tightrope reading those rankings, but after making it back to the majors last season with the White Sox and succeeding, the moniker that seemed to follow him wherever he went has now vanished.

“Looking back on it, that stuff is pretty cool," Giolito said. "It can pump you up and make you feel good about yourself, but in the end the question is, what are you going to do at the big league level? Can you contribute to a team? I’m glad that I finally have the opportunity to do that and all that other stuff is in the rear view."

This wasn’t the case when the White Sox acquired Giolito from the Washington Nationals in the Adam Eaton trade in December 2016. When he arrived at spring training last year, he was carrying around tons of extra baggage in his brain that was weighing him down. Questions about his ability and makeup weren’t helping as he tried living up to such high expectations.

“Yeah, I’d say especially with the trade coming off 2016 where I didn’t perform well at all that year," Giolito said. "I got traded over to a new organization, I still have this label on me of being a top pitching prospect while I’m going to a new place, I’m trying to impress people but at the same time I had a lot of things off mechanically I was trying to fix. Mentally, I was not in the best place as far as pitching went. It definitely added some extra pressure that I didn’t deal with well for a while."

How bad was it for Giolito? Here are some of the thoughts that were scrambling his brain during spring training and beyond last season.

“I saw I wasn’t throwing as hard. I was like, ’Where did my velocity go?’ Oh, it’s my mechanics. My mechanics are bad. I need to fix those,” Giolito said. “Then I’m trying to make adjustments. Why can’t I make this adjustment? It compounds. It just builds and builds and builds and can weigh on you a ton. I was 22 turning 23 later in the year. I didn’t handle it very well. I put a lot of pressure on myself to fix all these different things about my performance, my pitching and trying to do it all in one go instead of just relaxing and remembering, ‘Hey, what am I here for? Why do I play the game?’”

Still, pitching coach Don Cooper wanted to see what he had in his young prospect. So last February, he scheduled him to make his White Sox debut against the Cubs in front of a packed house in Mesa.

“It was kind of like a challenge," Giolito said. "They fill the stadium over there. I’m like, ‘Alright here we go."

Giolito gave up one run, three hits, walked one and struck out two in two innings against the Cubs that day.

“I pitched OK," he said. "I think I gave up a home run to Addison Russell. At the same time, I remember that game like I was forcing things. I might have pitched okay, but I was forcing the ball over the plate instead of relaxing, trusting and letting it happen which is kind of my mantra now. I’m saying that all the time, just having confidence in yourself and letting it go.”

A conversation in midseason with Charlotte Knights pitching coach Steve McCatty, suggested by Cooper, helped turn Giolito’s season around. The lesson for Giolito: whatever you have on the day you take the mound is what you have. Don’t force what isn’t there.

Fortunately for Giolito he has extra pitches in his arsenal, so if the curveball isn’t working (which it rarely did when he came up to the majors last season) he can go to his change-up, fastball, slider, etc.

It’s all part of the learning process, both on the mound and off it. Setbacks are coming. Giolito has already had his share. More will be on the way.

“You want to set expectations for yourself. You want to try and achieve great goals,” he said. “At the same time, it is a game of failure. There’s so much that you have to learn through experience whether that be success or failure. Especially going through the minor leagues. There’s so much that you have to learn and a lot of it is about development. It’s a crazy ride for sure.”

Boys Basketball Playoffs begin on busy week of High School Lites

Boys Basketball Playoffs begin on busy week of High School Lites

High School Lites is down to the final week of the regular season in local high school hoops as the Class 3A and 4A schools finish up conference play. The boys basketball playoffs have also started as the Class 1A and Class 2A regional championships will be played on Friday night.

The girls basketball Class 1A and 2A state semifinals will also be featured. You can catch all of those games on NBC Sports Chicago on Friday beginning at 11 a.m. with the 1A semifinals. High School Lites will air Friday night at 11 p.m. on NBC Sports Chicago

East Aurora at No. 11 West Aurora, 7:00 p.m. -- These two rivals meet for the 225th time. The Blackhawks (20-4, 9-0) won the first matchup by 22 points as they try to finish the season on a 12-game winning streak. 

Jacobs at Dundee-Crown, 7:00 p.m. -- Fox Valley rivals match up as Jacobs tries to go unbeaten in the conference. The Eagles (23-3, 15-0) has been playing very well as they've won 20 of 21 games heading into this one -- including an earlier win against Dundee-Crown. The Chargers (14-11, 10-4) has won seven consecutive games since dropping to the Golden Eagles as they're second in the Fox Valley heading into this one. 

Yorkville at DeKalb, 7:00 p.m. -- The top two teams in the Northern Illinois Big 12 East play in this one. DeKalb (16-11, 11-1) has already clinched a share of the conference title as the team's only league loss has come against Yorkville. The Foxes (17-8, 10-2) knocked off DeKalb at their place on Feb. 3 as they try to win again to get a piece of the division title. 

T.F. North at Lemont, 7:00 p.m. -- Two of the better teams in the South Suburban Blue battle on the eve of the playoffs. Lemont (17-8, 9-3) has picked up three straight wins entering this one. T.F. North (11-9, 9-3) is trying to build some momentum after recent close losses to Hillcrest and T.F. South.

Carmel at No. 10 Benet, 7:30 p.m. -- The ESCC closes out its season with this one. Benet (22-4, 7-1) is coming off a nice road win at Marian Catholic earlier this week. Carmel (17-10, 4-4) knocked off Joliet Catholic during the week as they've been a dangerous team in the ESCC. 

Class 2A Boys Basketball Regional Championships

Leo vs. Marshall, 6 p.m. -- The Lions are the favorites but the Commandos are the host of this regional title game. Leo (20-5, 8-0) has a 13-game winning streak as they won the Catholic League White. Marshall (8-17, 4-5) struggled in the win column but they were a competitive 4-5 in a very deep Public League Red-South. 

Uplift vs. Northridge, 7 p.m. -- This should be an interesting battle as Uplift is playing on the road at Northridge. Uplift (17-9, 6-3) has played an extremely competitive schedule that includes a recent close loss to No. 1 Simeon as Kansas commit Markese Jacobs and senior forward Toraze Dobbs are one of the best combinations in the Class 2A field. Northridge (22-5, 12-0) went unbeaten in the Independent School League this season as they're riding a 13-game winning streak.

Class 1A Boys Basketball Regional Championships 

Aurora Christian vs. Harvest Christian, 7 p.m. -- These two teams play for the third time this season in what should be an interesting regional title game. Aurora Christian (23-1, 10-0) is the host as they only lost to Winnebago this season. The Eagles beat Harvest Christian twice in a six-day span in December. Harvest Christian (18-8, 8-2) finished third in the Northeastern Athletic as they played the second game within two points. 

Class 1A Girls Basketball State Semifinals

Okaw Valley vs. Stockton, 11 a.m., NBC Sports Chicago -- Okaw Valley (29-5) is making its first state appearance after winning its first regional title in school history. Stockton (31-2) finished under .500 last season (13-15) and had an amazing turnaround that includes a current 15-game winning streak. 

Lebanon vs. Schlarman, 12:45 p.m., NBC Sports Chicago -- These two teams have combined for two losses this season as this should be a good one. Lebanon (31-1) just won its first sectional title in school history as they've now moved on to state. Schlarman (31-1) is led by junior Anaya Peoples, a Notre Dame commit and five-star prospect in the Class of 2019. 

Class 2A Girls Basketball State Semifinals

Harlan vs. Eureka, 5:30 p.m., NBC Sports Chicago -- Two red-hot teams play in the first semifinal in Class 2A. Harlan (25-6) is riding a 12-game winning streak as this is its first appearance at state for girls basketball. Eureka (28-3) has a 19-game winning streak as they make their first state appearance since 1988.

Marshall vs. Teutopolis, 7:15 p.m., NBC Sports Chicago -- Two storied programs in the state match up in this one. Marshall (20-7) will be making its 21st state appearance as head coach Dorothy Gaters is one of the most storied coaches in Illinois. Teutopolis is making its 17th appearance at state as the Lady Shoes (28-6) seek their first title since 1995.