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January 24, 2013, 2:01 pm


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Americana Outdoors
This show has entertained and informed viewers by documenting adventures filmed in many of the best destinations in the world - from big game hunting in the continental US, chasing tarpon in Costa Rica, wing shooting in Montana, hooking big bass in Florida or monster redfish in Louisiana, and much more!
Americana Outdoors Videos

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Angling Edge
Each week world renowned fisherman Al Lindner and his legendary crew trek out to the Angling Edge. Here they explore, reveal, and explain the little known, the brand new, as well as the closely held secrets of the angling art.
Angling Edge Videos

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Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing
Babe Winkelman is a nationally-recognized outdoorsman who loves nothing more than passing fishing and hunting traditions along to others. Over the past 25 years, his charismatic style, coupled with a strong desire to educate, have resulted in some of the most informative and entertaining shows ever produced.
Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing Videos

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Bass 2 Billfish
Bass 2 Billfish is a new hybrid Reality Fishing show that incorporates travel and reality while all based around the diverse fishing environment in Florida...The Fishing Capitol of the World! Join host Peter Miller, as he takes these lucky guess anglers on a once in a lifetime fishing adventure.
Bass 2 Billfish Videos

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The Best & Worst of Tred Bart
This show is a testosterone filled out of the box in your face reality blue water fishing and hunting TV series hosted by the irascible Tred Barta. Love him or hate him, Tred delivers an outdoor experience that takes your breath away!
The Best & Worst of Tred Bart Videos

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Bill Dance Outdoors
One of the oldest, continuously running television shows of its type. It has aired since 1968 with a primary focus on sport fishing. Hosted by Bill Dance, audiences are treated to an educational, humorous and sometimes offbeat way of having fun with the fishing sport and learning about outdoor products.
Bill Dance Outdoors Videos

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Charlie Moore: No Offense
A show about Charlie Moore, the Mad Fisherman, a guy from Boston who travels around the country inviting special guests, celebrity and non celebrity, to come into his world. In return, Charlie visits their world.
Charlie Moore: No Offense Videos

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Fishing with Roland Martin
Legendary angler Roland Martin has given viewers the scoop on how to outsmart a variety of game-fish. Each week Roland takes viewers to new locations around the world in adventures that range from Amazon peacock bass fishing, Salmon fishing in Alaska, farm pond and river fishing, to name a few.
Fishing with Roland Martin Videos

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FLW Outdoors
Hosted by Jason Harper, is broadcast to approximately 500 million households worldwide, including internationally through agreements with WFN (World Fishing Network) and Matchroom Sport to such countries as Canada, Germany, China, South Africa, Australia, to name a few.
FLW Outdoors Videos

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George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing
Long regarded as the most informative and entertaining nationally-televised show on recreational marine fishing, George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing will once again thrill viewers with an up close and exciting look at what's involved in catching a wide range of coastal and offshore saltwater game fish.
George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing Videos

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Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine
Hank's goal is to entertain & educate young & old on the tried-and-true angling techniques that have propelled him into the history books as one of the Top Ten Anglers of all time. Along the way, sharing the wonder of Creation's handiwork remains Hank's greatest pleasure.
Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine Videos

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Hobie Outdoor Adventures
From surf to stream we'll take you on a chase, up close and personal for todays most popular gamefish or that perfect wave. This is Hobie country! We'll cover the tips, tactics and techniques for the ultimate kayaking experience as we embrace the abundant opportunities the water has to offer.

Into the Blue
The most exciting and authentic offshore fishing show on television. Capt Steve Rodger and Capt Scott Walker each operate a successful charter business and have proven themselves in world class tournaments around the country.
Into the Blue Videos

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Jimmy Houston Outdoors
Each week finds Jimmy in the boat entertaining and educating in his own unique style. He is known for his blonde hair, sunglasses and his giggle. Guests on the show include, athletes, celebrities, and everyday fishermen.
Jimmy Houston Outdoors Videos

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Lunkerville. While other fishing shows rely on expert hosts or fast-paced pro-competition, host "Mike D" casts his line at everyday, recreational bass fishermen, traveling to their secret spots and sharing their special techniques.

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Majesty Outdoors
Majesty Outdoors invites a teen who has never experienced a hunting or fishing adventure, to take part in an amazing weekend. For these young people, such an opportunity has not been available because a "Dad" does not or can not participate in their lives.
Majesty Outdoors Videos
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Napa's North to Alaska
Alaska is big, wild and forbidden. Anyone who loves the outdoors has dreamed of exploring this frontier. Napa's North to Alaska is hosted by Hall of Fame football player Larry Csonka, together with Co-host Audrey Bradshaw they give sportsmen a chance to see everything the state has to offer.
Napa's North to Alaska Videos

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North American Fisherman
A team of North America's most passionate fishermen battle weather, giant fish, and at times each other to showcase some of the region's greatest fishing opportunities. North American Fisherman and the North American Fishing Club present the most exciting, groundbreaking, and informative fishing show on television.
North American Fisherman Videos

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Quest for the One
Featuring legendary outdoorsmen Trev Gowdy and Bill Urseth, Quest for the One is a global excursion that delivers the largest fish and game on the planet. Come on an adventure where it's all about the big one!
Quest for the One Videos

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Saltwater Experience
Captains Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor have won over 200 tournament titles and 7000 + professional, guided days between them. Join them as they share their knowledge of inshore and offshore saltwater fishing in a fun and educational format.
Saltwater Experience Videos

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Salty Dog Sportfishing Hawai'i
This show follows the Lattof family of Kona, Hawai'i and Orange Beach, Alabama in their pursuit of large Pacific Blue Marlin aboard their fishing boat, Salty Dog, in the beautiful waters off the Island of Hawai'i. Each episode combines exhilarating fishing action with history of the sport, Hawaiian culture.
Salty Dog Sportfishing Hawai'i Videos

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Seaguar's Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge
Seaguar's Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge is a jaw-dropping series that follows world renowned big-game kayak angler, Jim Sammons, on his epic kayak fishing journeys to Panama, Mexico and Canada.
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Seasons on the Fly
This season will include stops at some of the great fisheries in the world including Iceland, Argentina and Alaska. A fly-fisherman since his youth, he is combining his better than 20 year television career with his of love of fly-fishing to produce this award winning program.
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Sport Fishing Television
Presented by Yellowfin, Sport Fishing Television takes you to the hottest saltwater fishing destinations every week to catch up on the latest bite and give you the expert instruction you need to succeed as an angler.
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The Bass Pros
Bass fishing on TV has been reinvented! It's about bass fishing. It's about helping people to become better at bass fishing. It's the latest techniques being used today. This show will be like nothing else on TV today.
The Bass Pros Videos

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The Hunt for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg
A unique fishing show about finding and capturing huge fish of all species all over the world using every kind of gear imaginable. Hosted by former guide and Fishing Hall of Fame inductee Larry Dahlberg a favorite with kids, and appealing to non-fishermen as well.
The Hunt for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg Videos

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The Next Bite TV
The Next Bite TV is about Big Fish ... Mean Fish ... Fish with Teeth! We are the "Real Deal" when it comes to muskie, pike and walleye, providing real fishing information from real fishing experts.
The Next Bite TV Videos

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Ultimate Fishing Experience
The show will not only impact the lives of the guest Heroes in the show, but it will also touch many others by featuring organizations and groups that support Hero's needs.
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Wired2Fish TV
Wired2Fish delivers bite-sized infotainment, designed to engage, intrigue, and educate. The result is Anglers looking for equipment and knowledge to feed their passion. Combining a blend of fishing techniques for Bass, Walleyes, Panfish, Muskies, and Pike.

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