Suspension lifted

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A judge has ruled in Adrian Peterson's favor on his appeal, lifting his suspension. Now, will he stay in Minnesota? More | NFL used conduct policy retroactively | Will appeal | NFLPA declares victory | Florio | Vikes can contact
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Ad me!
Whether you missed them or just want to relive them, we've got all the Super Bowl XLIX ads here.
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Who's next?
Follow Rotoworld's NFL Draft coverage to see who will be joining Jameis Winston in this year's draft.
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Steve Bisciotti says after 14 good years as Ravens owner, he had an "absolute crappy year."
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Marshawn Lynch reportedly is looking to trademark the catchphrase, "I'm just here so I don't get fined."
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Restructure this
Peyton Manning reportedly is in talks to restructure his deal, but that might not mean adding years.


1. A. Peterson (4445)

2. M. Lynch (3661)

3. S. Bradford (3563)

4. D. Bryant (3384)

5. B. Maxwell (2959)

6. J. Winston (2836)

7. P. Manning (2714)

8. P. McPhee (2691)

9. J. McCown (2490)

10. R. Cobb (2432)