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Gun It with Benny Spies
About Gun It with Benny Spies
August 16, 2011, 2:08 pm

Gun It with Benny Spies
FINALLY! The world has a genuine outdoor television series that presents a refreshing, entertaining, yet raw look into America's oldest & most cherished heritage. Outdoor programming is best known for high dollar game ranches, preserves & hunts only the elite can afford. This does not apply to GUN IT. Benny travels the countryside in his 1973 Winnebago hunting with friends, family, strangers, & well, just about anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

So come along for this one-of-a-kind ride!! GUN IT serves up diverse adventures that are entertaining for everyone who enjoys great television!


Benny Spies
Enjoying the outdoors is my passion. Giving the world an honest reprentation of how America's outdoor world truly operates is my dream. Few people have the opportunity to travel the world & hunt & fish wherever they want. I'm no different. To me, it's not about the high-dollar game hunt or having the best gear money can buy. It's about enjoying one of America's greatest heritages, having fun with friends, family, & the people I meet. It's about going out & doing things the way I was taught; gettin' dirty, pullin' the trigger & havin' fun. I don't claim to be an expert outdoorsman & I definitely don't offer the offer the latest, greatest techniques to shooting the biggest bucks or bagging the limit & limits of ducks. But I will promise to give you an honest, genuine, exciting & entertaining look into the outdoors. I'm a guy who loves to hunt, fish & drink a few beers with my friends, family & the random people I meet throughout the small towns I travel. So, let's have some fun!

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