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Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine
About Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine
May 25, 2011, 12:05 pm

Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine
America's Favorite Family Outing in our third decade.Every television series takes on the personality of its host and in the case of Hank Parker, that is a real treat. Recognized across America for his personal wit, family values and genuine southern roots, Hank's career is legendary and his love of fishing & hunting often results in his being introduced as Ambassador for the Outdoors.Hank's goal in presenting Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine is to entertain & educate young & old on the tried-and-true angling techniques that have propelled him into the history books as one of the Top Ten Anglers of all time. Along the way, sharing the wonder of Creation's handiwork remains Hank's greatest pleasure, an experience treasured by families across the country during each & every episode.

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The CBS Morning Show best described Hank Parker when introducing him as "the rod-n-reel answer to Michael Jordan, in popularity and talent!" Hank has enjoyed a storied professional bass fishing and outdoor television host career that continues to grow each season! His accomplishments on the professional bass fishing tournament trail support the fact he is one of America's greatest bass fishermen to ever compete. Hank's professional fishing career begin in 1976 when he began fishing the National Bass Association Tournament Circuit, winning their national championship in his first season. Hank's television series launched in 1985 with national syndication. The following season the series moved to The Nashville Network. In following years the series has aired on the National Network, The Outdoor Life Network, The Outdoor Channel, and now resides on here on Versus.

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