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The Hunt for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg
About The Hunt for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg
May 11, 2011, 5:05 pm

The Hunt for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg
"The Hunt for Big Fish" is a unique fishing show about finding and capturing huge fish of all species all over the world using every kind of gear imaginable. Hosted by former guide and Fishing Hall of Fame inductee Larry Dahlberg, "The Hunt for Big Fish" has garnered rave reviews world wide for the fast-paced editing, unique camera angles and often amazingly large fish. A favorite with kids, and appealing to non-fishermen as well.

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Larry Dahlberg is recognized throughout the sport fishing industry as an expert angler, authority on all types of fishing related products, and television personality. In 1992, Dahlberg began producing his own fishing show for television, Hunt For Big Fish. Since that date he produces 26 very high quality television segments each year, "hunting" fish of all species at adventure destination locations over the world. His #1 rated show can be seen Versus. Dahlberg has also authored numerous articles for leading fishing magazines and currently owns the patent to a line of fishing flies manufactured by Umpqua , including the popular Dahlberg Diver, which is considered the most important innovation in fly technology in the last 50 years on all continents. He also invented a way to design fishing rods which eliminates torque and angler fatigue, and patented the Balancer.

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