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October 24, 2011, 10:10 am

He owns and operates an oil and natural gas well servicing business in La Barge, Wyoming, with over 30 years of experience in oilfield services managing roustabout crews; constructing well field roads; managing trucks, equipment, and hundreds of employees; and administering complex, multi-million dollar projects.

After many years of working for oilfield-related companies, Mike founded Schmid Oilfield Services in 1984. This successful company was sold to First Energy Services in June 2000. He remained with the company, serving as the President and COO and managing 400 employees and equipment throughout the Rocky Mountain region and Alaska. Mike later founded SOS Well Services, a workover rig company. In 2006, Mike started to dramatically expand SOS Well Services, thus creating the multi-million dollar operation that exists today.

Mike also owns a cattle ranch and outfitting business in the Black Hills known as Solitude Ranch. This area of Wyoming is abundant with Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and has an incredible number of Whitetail Deer and Turkey. Mike's career in the energy business along with his passion for the wilderness has provided him with years of experience and first-hand knowledge of how the two can co-exist. He sincerely believes viewers are most interested in the real hunt, set in real conditions, whether the outcome is successful or not. Mike is interested in capturing the true emotions of the hunter with over the shoulder action video footage that provides viewers with the most accurate experience possible. His vision for the show also includes teaching our kids responsible hunting, and the importance of understanding the current debate over using public lands.


Adam Hays
Born and raised in central Ohio, Adam Hays was destined to be a whitetail hunter. "My father was a bowhunter, and when I was four years old he stuck a small fiberglass bow in my hands, 39 years later I'm still flinging arrows!" After graduating high school in 1985, Adam worked in the construction field for nearly 20 years before leaving a successful career with Columbia Gas, to work in the Hunting Industry full time.

Adam got his start as a freelance videographer for Wolf Creek Productions in the early 90's, hunting and filming for the American Archer and Outdoor America. Adam then went on to work in production, spending two seasons producing "Hunting on the Horizon" for Skyline Camouflage, then went to work for Lone Wolf Treestands where he produced "Whitetail Addictions" for four years. In 2009, Adam landed a prestigious spot with ESPN legend Tom Miranda, working as a field producer for Dominant Bucks on the Outdoor channel. Recently, Adam joined the team of Intrepid Outdoors on Versus.

As one of only two hunters in the country to have three whitetail bowkills to top the 200" mark, Adam's goal is to be the first to harvest four! Adam has also harvested elk, moose, caribou and black bear, and hopes to add more big game animals to his trophy room. Not having any children of his own, Adam has introduced his four nephews to the outdoors and enjoys filming their hunts as much as his own!

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