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John O'Hurley: 'The Perfect Dog'
The National Dog Show co-host pens his thoughts on the perfect canine companion
November 22, 2012, 10:11 am

The Perfect Dog

My son asked a question as little boys do
Of me in my wisdom and all that I knew.

"Is there a dog that is perfect?" he asked on a whim,
Well, I thought and I thought about where to begin.

"He'd have ears that were floppy. or cropped and alert
And eyes that were sleepy. or perky and pert,
He'd leap like a bunny or sit in your lap
And run fast as horses. or opt for a nap.

"A dog that is perfect would be covered in spots
Or maybe one-color . and then have spots-not.

"He'd be small as a teacup. or big as a house,
With a nose that seemed flattened . or long like a mouse,

"He'd swim and he'd hunt with a coat flying free
Or be dainty and delicate . and `He'd' be a `She'

As I struggled to answer, and not with a clue,
My son, with a smile, said, out of the blue,
With the wisdom of children, what he already knew.

The dog that is perfect . is the one next to you.

- John O'Hurley