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January 7, 2013, 5:01 pm


When Indie film director Michael de Avila hooked his passion for story telling onto his love of bass fishing, he spawned the award-winning reality television show, Lunkerville. While other fishing shows rely on expert hosts or fast-paced pro-competition, host "Mike D" casts his line at everyday, recreational bass fishermen, traveling to their secret spots and sharing their special techniques. In his signature laid-back manner, he reels in the camaraderie, the banter and the bass.

Shot with his filmmaker's eye and touch, every episode is treated as a short documentary film. In 2009, Lunkerville earned one of the most coveted awards in television: a CINE Golden Eagle for documentary filmmaking.

All that's required to star on Lunkerville is a little (or big!) personality and of course, a passion for bass fishing. To be considered, interested viewers need only submit their fishing videos, photos and stories to Lunkerville's Facebook page. You never know what will happen on Lunkerville each week - it's the show that catches real people with real fish stories, maybe even you!

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Michael de Avila, best known as "Mike D" by fans of Lunkerville, is a New York City filmmaker and self-proclaimed bass fishing enthusiast.

Shortly after graduating from the Film School at the renowned Purchase College Conservatory of Arts in 1990, Mike directed the theatrically-released and critically acclaimed experimental feature film, "Lost Prophet". His next film, "Burnzy's Last Call", premiered on The Sundance Channel. At the time, filmmaking was a long and arduous process and Mike took up bass fishing as a hobby. It wasn't long before his passion for storytelling caught up with his enthusiasm for the sport and Lunkerville was conceived. He wanted to create a new breed of fishing show, one that was at once dramatic, humorous, entertaining and humble. And he loved the idea of making TV stars out of everyday fishing folks because as he always says, "Anyone who has a passion for fishing has something to teach me - that's what Lunkerville is all about."

In 2004, after only nine months on the air, the series received instant accolades and swept the top three awards at the Sportsman Channel including "Viewer Favorite On- Camera Personality". The appreciation didn't stop there: Lunkerville was voted "Viewer Favorite Fishing Show" three years in a row.

Mike D continues to live and work - and fish! - in New York City.

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