Royal treatment

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The Royals completed the comeback in extras to win the AL Wild Card and advance to the ALDS vs. the Angels. More | Watch | Small ball prevails | Yost lucky | Athletics collapse | What might have been | Who wins it all?
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The Twins fired Ron Gardenhire after 13 years as manager and a 4th straight 90-loss season.
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Jordan Zimmermann threw an unforgettable no-hitter for the Nats, sealed by an unreal grab.
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Coach call-up?
Rave reviews with the Cubs' affiliate could lead to a new position in Chicago for Manny Ramirez.

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1. D. Jeter (3307)

2. C. Kershaw (2472)

3. R. Martin (2398)

4. A. Rodriguez (2042)

5. J. Altuve (1921)

6. D. Gordon (1872)

7. J. Hamilton (1812)

8. I. Suzuki (1686)

9. D. Ortiz (1674)

10. E. Volquez (1608)