Can't buy that

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The Marlins are off to a 3-8 start and star Giancarlo Stanton says they lack heart: "The fire is not there." More
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It's not hard to find players who aren't fans of the new pace of play rules, but it's not really about them.
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Derek Jeter says he is doing just fine with being retired and "to be honest, I don't miss it at all."
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Hamilton fit
As Josh Hamilton's career hangs in the balance, teammates say he is ready to play.

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1. K. Bryant (4538)

2. M. Brantley (3909)

3. A. Guerrero (3813)

4. A. Rodriguez (3732)

5. D. Salazar (3688)

6. A. Ottavino (3673)

7. D. Span (3628)

8. Y. Puig (3360)

9. B. Gardner (3354)

10. D. Mesoraco (3342)