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Napa's North to Alaska
About Napa's North to Alaska
May 17, 2011, 10:05 am

Napa's North to Alaska
Alaska is big, wild and forbidden. Anyone who loves the outdoors has dreamed of exploring this frontier. Napa's North to Alaska is hosted by Hall of Fame football player Larry Csonka, together with Co-host Audrey Bradshaw they give sportsmen a chance to see everything the state has to offer, it's an outdoor adventure series set entirely in the "Last Frontier", Alaska.

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Larry Csonka showcases experience as a fisherman and hunter and his enthusiasm for outdoor sports and conservation as he hosts and produces "NAPA's North To Alaska" which airs on VERSUS. Csonka also travels the country visiting various clubs and corporations as a Sports Humor/Motivational Speaker, operating within his own company known as Csonka Promotions, Inc. His speeches are laced with humor and dramatic personal experiences, and have been well received by some of the nation's top companies. Csonka currently resides at his home in Oak Hill, Florida and maintains a farm in Lisbon, Ohio where he has Csonka's Country Night Spot and Outdoor Entertainment Complex which includes a USSSA sanctioned softball complex, and probeach volleyball courts. His other hobbies include operating heavy machinery, fishing and hunting.

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Joe and Larry Csonka have been family friends for a long, long time. After 5 years of appearing on ""Csonka Outdoors"" as host of his Cooking with SmokeeJo segment and Larry's favorite ""camp cook,"" Joe has moved his popular segment to Larry's ""Napa's North to Alaska"" series. While Joe will continue to provide us with unique and easy ways to prepare fish and game from Alaska, he'll also make occasional guest appearances in the shows - experiencing first hand some Alaskan adventures for himself. He'll also provide some creative tips for making the most of camp ingredients! An AVID outdoorsman, Joe finds it hard to describe Alaska's wilderness, fishing and hunting opportunities. He says, ""it's beyond words!

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